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Noobs suggestion for shoot outs

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Suggest to the community.

I'm new to RDR2 online. Love the game itself.

I keep getting jumped by much higher leveled players. A level 4 (me) vs a level 126 isn't exactly fair. I can shoot the guy 4 or 5 times and he hits me once. I die. To be expected on an online game, so I'm not crying here.

Here's my suggestion thou: Picking on a noob is disheartening to the player. Either make the shoot out fair, so I can actually win or don't let such a high level player kill the noobs. Put a level cap on who can kill who. 

Why pick on a noob anyways? Am I at least making you money or achievements...no clue.



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Are you using the tools made available to you to help mitigate griefing / trolling?  

You can go into Defensive Mode which will make it harder for others to kill you.  IIRC, when you get killed you get spawned further away and you have other options as well.  

Personally, I would suggest avoiding other players and look into joining a posse.  Playing with a group make a big difference.  ....safety in numbers.  Either way, I'd still be wary entering towns where other players are lingering and so on.

What platform are you on?  I don't know if it still applies but what I found helps is spawning in a region that is a distance away from where you actually want to go.  The game seems to spawn everyone in the same general area.  I used to come into the game on the other side of the map of where I wanted to go and I would usually see far fewer people.  .....at least for a while.  

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I agree with kean, use defensive mode so players can’t lock onto you. Plus if a player does shot you, defensive mode gives you more health.

Also you can parlay. If a player kills you, parlay. This means the player can’t kill you for 10 mins. Which gives you a chance to get away.

Look into ability cards, those will help out a lot. Tonics too. You can find free tonics around the map.

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