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Potent Recipes


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I'm in the Chapter 4 and nobody sell these pamphlets: Potent Bitters, Potent Health Cure, Potent Horse Medicine, Potent Horse Stimulant, Potent Miracle Tonic, Potent Snake Oil and Predator Bait.

All the guides say that Potent Recipes are available in Chapter 2, but i can't find it.

Any suggestions?


PS: I'm sorry if I open a discussion like a second message, but i didn't find nothing with the search tool.

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1 hour ago, Tom Dooley said:


Try the internet



....that's what they are doing.



If you can't find them at the locations in that above video or at Fences, I'm not sur what could be going on there.  Everything I saw is the same as you pointed out.  ....they should be available to you by now unless we're missing something.

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I already found the recipes in the above video, but them are refferred to the "Special" version of the items (Special Health Care, Special Horse Medicine,...). These one are foundable around the game or available th the Fences.

But it is not the same about the "Potent" version of its. I don't have the recipe and I can't find locations on internet

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