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Connection lost during missions with cutscenes. Series X Error Code connection lost to rockstar servers.


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Hi there, 

Having disconnect issues when playing online missions. Sometimes i may do them by myself sometimes with others but hardly. I find this super irritating i waited this long to buy this game and this is what i get another screwed up rockstar game. I have tried resetting router, changing ports, etc. I do not have the info to set up my ports for this through my router and cannot gain access into my router settings using default user and password. I finally was able to get my ethernet connection to work was using wireless. Had a bad cord. But now i am even more upset, i am running 500mbps 300 wireless and this is what i get. i have never had an issue with any other game besides battlefield when it first came out and it was their servers, not my internet. I know its not my internet.... I play msfs usually daily, and no issues there and the amount of data and the rate that is used to keep live images loading etc, it makes no sense.

Someone please help. I love the game but this is outrageous. Rockstar wont even reply to me. I hope i can figure this out but this will be the last game i ever spend money on from them. It just doesn't end.

I am able to free roam as much as i'd like and work on bootlegger missions, but the story ones were being disconnected. It's really a hit or miss but 95% of the time i will be kicked from anything with a cutscene. Legendary bounties etc. I was just kicked on a $$$ bounty shortly ago. 




accidental posting without finishing.
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RDR2 online is a sh*tshow for connectivity because Rockstar uses peer to peer (P2P) (user to user) connections for most things. They (apparently, from what I read in a few places) do have some content delivery servers, which deliver certain packets or modules periodically. But even those don’t work correctly, randomly, probably because they are trying to interlace it with P2P architecture.


Just like you, I can and have run scores of high-network intensive games flawlessly... except RDR Online. I gave up on this game 18 months or so ago due to just too many kinds, flavors and situations of connectivity issues. I’ve been happy I did. I’ve never even been tempted to log back in. The frustration of trying to take this game seriously was just too much. It can’t be taken seriously, IMO.


Here is one of many threads talking about this from one of many other boards where it is discussed : https://steamcommunity.com/app/1174180/discussions/0/5056966106400807715/

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