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  1. RDR2 online is a sh*tshow for connectivity because Rockstar uses peer to peer (P2P) (user to user) connections for most things. They (apparently, from what I read in a few places) do have some content delivery servers, which deliver certain packets or modules periodically. But even those don’t work correctly, randomly, probably because they are trying to interlace it with P2P architecture. Just like you, I can and have run scores of high-network intensive games flawlessly... except RDR Online. I gave up on this game 18 months or so ago due to just too many kinds, flavors and situations of connectivity issues. I’ve been happy I did. I’ve never even been tempted to log back in. The frustration of trying to take this game seriously was just too much. It can’t be taken seriously, IMO. Here is one of many threads talking about this from one of many other boards where it is discussed : https://steamcommunity.com/app/1174180/discussions/0/5056966106400807715/
  2. You give them too much credit. There is no logic to the decision. Nobody of import is minding the store for RDR. It is on autopilot.
  3. I am having this problem. About 4 months back I was having this issue 3-4 times an HOUR on PS4. Then, about 3 months back the update around then seemed to resolve it, I had 3-4 hour long sessions for about a month... with no issues. After a two week hiatus, I tried logging in 3 and 2 weeks ago after another R* update. (I may be off a couple weeks in either direction). Since then, I cannot log in at all. I have tried all the typical things in the articles, posts, etc. No dice. I either fail to connect at all, or, I disconnect after 3-5 seconds of the screen loading up. The P2P aspect of this game’s design have been a disaster for me. Whereas NO other game I play online (Battlefield, CoD, Battlefront 1, Battlefront 2, No Mans Sky, etc etc) have ANY issues. They are all smooth as silk, with my nice Internet connection servicing me daily. PS - I work out of the house doing web conferences, etc for hours on end and have NO issues. Every day. This isn’t me. This isn’t my ISP. This isn’t my PS4. It is R* and something about their P2P architecture being not suitable for prime time real world use in all ISPs and regions. I’ve had to step away from the game a 2nd time now, perhaps for good. Very disappointing.
  4. I’ve played a LOT of games over 30 years of MMOG/FPS/Flight Sim/RTS/RPG/etc/etc/etc gaming. I’ve tried many multiplayer games in many modes. Ladder. Casual/Open world. Story. Unguided. Hardcore. Care Bear. Solo. Multi. Guilded. Unguilded. As such, I’ve learned to somewhat accept the game FOR WHAT IT IS. Don’t constantly try to make it something it isn’t. But give your feedback, and be pleasantly surprised if the developer acts on it. Otherwise? Move on. Maybe in 6 months, they’ll decide they want people like you back and the changes were made in your absence. Maybe not. But don’t keep grinding based on aspiration that “if only I get those top levels the game is suddenly what I want.” Not what you wanted on the way up? Probably won’t be up at the top levels, either. I think the issue is that while you can argue you WANT a different game play style, there are only limited things you should EXPECT to be done in a mode to alter game play before you yourself are meta-griefing other players. (AKA Nerf Wars class-on-class, weapon-on-weapon, etc). In RDR2O Free Roam? I don’t have any issues at all with people killing me. I don’t have any issue at all with there being a cost for death and me losing my horse contents (but not my satchel, that’s a nice balance IMO). It invents a little care, and some tactics. (Don’t just ride STRAIGHT IN to the butcher, etc). This is the game. I think it is reasonable to say people playing the seams of the game to essentially exploit, or block another player from really playing altogether... that is griefing. The game now gives a pretty solid way to avoid some of the worst examples. Don’t think being killed 5-7 times in a row qualifies as fun game play? Yeah, it’s kind of lame if you didn’t sign on for it... Parley fixes it mostly. Changing it so Parley addresses an entire posse isn’t unreasonable, it allows killing, but not repetitive ongoing forever GRIEFING that stops another player from proceeding to the next chapter of the game, so to speak. Another example: I think it is reasonable to argue that in a game that has pvp specific modes, giving pvp bounty / daily incentives in Free Roam is kind of a mistake. Another examples: It seems clear the missions ARE where R* wants structured pvp interference to keep it fresh and different. Blaming people who avail themselves of what R* INCENTS them to do very specifically is wrong. Players to interfere on missions are not “Griefers”. They’re an agent of R*, doing what R* wants done in that scenario.
  5. I was able to get back online the last couple weeks again after about a 2 week period of constant crashes which kept me out of RDO. I don’t exploit, I play pretty casually and solo. Nearly all in Free Roam. Hit rank 64 early last week. I’ll admit, I have little interest right now in all but 2 of the quick join / competitive modes. I wasn’t even going to log in this week, Hitman 2 managed to get my full attention as R* has been dropping the ball here a bit. But I suppose this will get me to log in. I’ve got enough $’s and naturally gained (spent $0 so far) gold to buy what I want in this discount week. We’ll see if that makes me want to play dozens more hours to play with my new toys. Or, if I’ll peter out after another 10 or 15 hours and back to stagnation. RDR2 story mode is looking good to me again, if I’m going to resume RDR at this point with regularity...
  6. Yes I have carcasses disappear even though I have them on my radar. Also, since the last 2 patches, I have something new. I’ve had LIVE ANIMALS disappear, as I’m looking at them. (Not just bison). I have this happen about once every 2-3 hours of hunting. For example, yesterday. I ride up on 3 rabbits. All are easily in visual range. I shoot the first rabbit. I auto-target with the varmint rifle on the 2nd rabbit. it auto-targets. Then, sometime in the milliseconds between me targeting and firing, it fails to fire. I see a rabbit image, but it is frozen. I can’t shoot it. I un-target and try to re-target, and can’t. Then, after a few seconds the after-image of the rabbit blinks out while I’m staring right at it. <poof!> A disappearing rabbit trick. :=)
  7. This whole scenario in the OP isn’t limited to games. It is a primary reason many oppose women serving in combat in the military. Men, culturally and perhaps even genetically, are ‘programmed’ to protect women. They tend to ignore orders, lose discipline, relegate to secondary the assigned mission to ‘go to the aid of’ women. Whether they need it, or not. (Although, just limiting it to when a woman soldier, like any man, WOULD get injured and need help — it is a kind of valid point, from what I’ve seen of men and of soldiers).
  8. I had the same thought as you. I'll be aggressive/offensive flag most of the time, except when I'm testing something like a bug (happens a lot), or fishing perhaps. Or trying to take a picture/movie of something in particular. I may even stay on aggressive/offensive when I go into town, I've never objected to a little challenge in scoping, angling in, using some care when getting into the more populated areas.
  9. The last update a couple weeks back. Instead of helping my connection issues, it made them massively worse. I think now that was doing me a favor. I like the game, so I’m now playing the local story to get to things I didn’t do there. That is, I am enjoying local mode, instead of wasting major league time figuring out Online Mode connection problems, or recovering from (Actual) griefers, stacked upon server drops, stacked upon inventory losses, stacked upon stupid re-spawns after disconnect that drop me into the middle of spawn campers, etc. My level 55 toon will be ready when there’s some better connectivity and some more content On-line. I hope that’s 4-5 months from now. And I’m OK with that for now.
  10. I’m going on my 5th or 6th day now unable to stay connected... either it outright fails to connect, or I drop with the “Rockstar Server” error after 5-10 seconds. I’ll log a ticket next week, but it is ONLY this game. I’ve turned to several others now and they are working perfectly. (PS4). I really like RDR but I’m not going to change everything about my world to make it work. I’m already DMZ’d on the console for God’s sake. (Which, the more I think about peer to peer connection, I’m thinking I will UN-do). This peer to peer concept of theirs seems pretty flawed... given the evidence so far...
  11. I’ve tried getting to both the Prison island, and to the South Coastal area (Mexico?) about 8 or 9 days ago. I failed both times with the boat suddenly sinking, just as you describe. Once was with a steam boat and once with a canoe/outrigger. I believe they are blocked off intentionally by R*.
  12. Kewl @Kean_1.. good to know. I wouldn’t have been bent out of shape if someone had deleted it. It amounted to an “I wish I could play” thread and I get if a mod would rather have a few less of those cluttering up the place.
  13. As I mentioned in a post here yesterday (disappeared, unsure why, but not really important), I can’t even get on or stay on for more than 20 minutes at a time, since the big update. So I’ve had to hang it up, for now. (No, It isn’t my system or my Internet connection. I run a business out of the house and have a dozen other games on the same console that work great). So between issues with the game, and the ever-present connection issues which I’ve seen discussed by a ton of people... it is probably taking a toll. I’ve got no choice at this point for online but to lurk forums like this, wait to see if things improve in terms of stability and crashes. So I’ll be making a comment here or there, but not much since I can no longer get into the game to confirm anything or play, really. <sigh>
  14. Ayup. For the first couple days I could play, but it would drop me every 30-40 minutes. The last 2 days, I literally cannot log into Free Roam. At all. I’ve tried (I stopped counting) 25+ times at 4 different times of day, across 2 days. I tried 3 different locations each time... ‘Where you left off’, then New Hanover, then West Elizabeth. Each time I get one of two things... 1. The infamous “You have been disconnected from Red Dead Online due to a fault on Rockstar game services 0x20010006 or 2. I see the landscape, my toon is painted onto the screen. I can move for 3-5 seconds, then the game crashes and I see... #1, above. I’ve changed literally nothing about my network, router, or PS4 since the update. I’m DMZ’d on the console, on a 100Mb connection, etc. East Coast USA. Everything else works like a charm. Every app, game and streaming provider. Everything except this PoS game. I even tried turning every other device in the house OFF just in case it was bandwidth. Mmmmmmm... NOPE. So... yeah. One of the only two things I asked for in the ‘hopes for a new update’ thread was better stability. I sure as hell didn’t get that. Guess I have to move onto something less insanely masochistic for awhile. That Hitman 2 thumbnail has been staring at me for awhile now on the home screen...
  15. Confirmed... I’ve got plenty of wildlife to sling lead at today, in all the usual spots. And now I notice Bison are dropping FIVE cuts of meat instead of the old max of four. Sweet!
  16. Well to be fair, bats are kind of just flying rats anyway. So... understandable mistake. 😛
  17. I have 2 kids and I’d say this whole game is rated PG-13, at minimum. Just riding around the world gets you cussed out like a sailor... forget engaging with most of the characters in the world. The conversations also dance around prostitution and cutting off of various body parts, at times. There are some points in the open game play or story where I’m pretty sure a movie would be rated ‘R’ for violence. (Blowing someone’s head to pieces with a shotgun at close range, comes to mind... torture scenes in the story at least twice, for another). I won’t get more specific, but that’s my read. I let my 13 year old see most of it, mainly because he’s pretty responsible and doesn’t get out of control or agitated by more adult themes. But I don’t let my younger child see anything in this game... ever.
  18. There is a lot R* needs to do still with online. But... DUDE.. Online only launched... as BETA... 12 WEEKS ago. There *is* no “long ago.” I understand attention spans are short these days, but DAY-um!
  19. I’m with Kean. Hmm. That sounds vaguely cool. Like a political slogan. Maybe I’ll have t-shirts made up...
  20. Yup... what they described would try to do to tag pvp aggressors... versus what they did... is disconnected. They should NOT be charging people who are on the defending side of a fight or listing them for bounty. It just incents no-investment low levels to screw with people for an hour or so, then log out for the night (or the next week, or forever). The game has pretty good mechanics about knowing if you as a player or posse initiated aggression... even if you shoot PAST an enemy and don’t hit them. It has what they need for data fields and frameworks to figure this out. They need to fix this. I am less concerned about people trying to stop missions. (Yes, it does seem much more frequent after the patch). But I consider that part of the game. I may have to posse up to do some of the missions, now. I am much, much more concerned about penalties a player or posse gets for simply repelling aggression.
  21. @DissentionYou can pay in your camp at your lockbox FYI.
  22. My main hope was that issuesof net connection and dropped sessions would get fixed. I am on Gigabit service and unlike every other game I play, RDR now seems worse after the update.
  23. I did 6 stranger missions today, and a couple yesterday. Except for one taking about 20 seconds to place me into the caravan wagon... no issues. I’ve cleared at least 3 hideouts in the last 2 days, and was offered the option to spare the boss at the end. So, no issues there either. <shrug>
  24. As I’ve leveled, I’ve eventually moved to where I use a smattering of damage cards, express ammo plus the Springfield for virtually everything pvp... except up close, when I pull out the dual sawed-off shotguns. (I’ve gotten away from the Varmint Rifle, partly because it is cheese and partly because I know they’ll nerf it). I’ll be investigating other shotguns so I’m watching this thread. But frankly I think the Springfield + dual Sawed Offs is probably going to be my long term setup. That’s pretty much what I ended up with in Story mode, too, so it’s nice to see it works about the same on-line.
  25. I put in nearly 8 game play hours the last 2 days, scattered through the days at different times. I haven’t had this problem happen to me even once. (Although, I have had it happen longer ago, several times). So... ? Odd.
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