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RDR2 Wiki Is Open


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Hi everyone, the RDR2 Wiki is now open for business here https://www.rdr2.org/wiki/ 

We'd love to see the same community involvement in the wiki as we get in these forums (which as been fantastic)! So feel free to help out any way you want.

It can be simply proof-reading articles, adding proper Wiki formatting (if required), add interlinking between wiki pages, or adding images all the way through to editing and expanding upon existing articles or creating entirely new ones about ANYTHING to do with the Red Dead Redemption universe.

Just make sure you verify your email before you try to start editing anything. Please post here if you have any questions or comments and otherwise I look forward to seeing our wiki section expanding with lots of useful info :)


PS: If you are an experienced Wiki editor please get in touch with me via PM.

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A friend of mine likes messing around with stuff like this (editing wiki pages and whatnot), would he have to sign up to the forum first before doing anything on here? I mentioned the page to him the other day when I noticed it was done and he seemed interested in writing in some stuff.

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