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Small Details In The Frontier, Cities & Towns Feature


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I hope we get more information soon but in the meantime I've had nothing better to do than take a closer look at the screens and information we received in the Red Dead Redemption II Frontier, Cities & Towns feature.

I always miss something so feel free to post below any small details you noticed in these recent screens.


I may be wrong but this is the first time to my knowledge that we've seen Arthur with a secondary holster, I wondered for a while whether dual-wielding would require two holsters because I never saw one on his person until now.


Arthur looks a bit naked without his gun and gun belt, this may just be for a particular cutscene or maybe if you wanna mingle with high society you have to leave your guns behind.


Mount Hagen looks amazing and I can't wait to travel through areas such as this. I'm thinking the name "Mount Hagen" might be a reference to Ross Hagen who for those who don't know was the voice actor for Landon Ricketts in Red Dead Redemption, Hagen died in 2011 nearly a year after the game's release and this seems like a nice way to honour him.


We've seen Javier Escuella wearing this poncho before in the third trailer but you get a better look at it here and it looks a lot better than the ponchos we had as John Marston in Red Dead Redemption that were cut off at the shoulders, hoping to get my hands on one of these pronto.


It's a tad weird to see Bill Williamson without a beard, I'm somewhat hoping this is the extent of it as I don't know if I could handle seeing Dutch clean shaven.


This shot of the Arthur, Micah and Sean walking through the town of Rhodes looks great, in the back you can see a statue which I'm assuming is of Brigadier-General Sherman M. Rhodes. In Red Dead Redemption one of the many Treasure Maps you can follow will lead you to Rhodes' Gold, the description of which reads "Gold bullion given to Brigadier-General Sherman M. Rhodes".

My assumption is that if your actions during the Civil War earned you a bar of gold bullion it's not that much of a stretch for someone to name a town after you.


I think this shot is one of the best, the way Arthur's trousers/pants look when soaked through as well as how the two Alligators' eyes are glowing in the low light adds so much realism.

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