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  1. I'd be any of the characters that Clint Eastwood portrayed in his old western movies, they're all cool and helped me enjoy the movies even more.
  2. I noticed an oil leak in this screenshot, look just below Arthur's feet you can see it in the background and you can see it diluting the water.
  3. I saw a source for this but tried searching for it again, you got any links for me boy? I've seen your name in the forums.
  4. I actually can't wait to roleplay, with the western theme and how realistic the game is going to be, goodbye sleep.
  5. It might take a lot of time and effort but you'll be glad to have it in Red Dead 2.
  6. Fribbo


    Anyone else bored on whatever console they're playing, I have literally nothing good/ time-consuming to play to last until Red Dead 2 comes out. I'm hoping to get a PlayStation and Spider-Man on my birthday, which is on October 7th so I'm pretty sure that will last me until October 26th. But until then I have nothing good to play and I'm boreeeeeeed.
  7. Seeing this actually made me raise my hopes for online duels, better be a thing.
  8. Or lassoing some random person passing by on a horse and dragging them along with you.
  9. @ChrisCr0ss That'd be cool, comes to mind, I wonder if you will be able to purchase properties online as well. Saint Denis looks to being huge, our gangs will look like bums if we can set up a camp in the city lol.
  10. We know there is only a single protagonist, but that doesn't mean we could have a similar situation as RDR1 and once the game had finished we got to play as Jack, maybe R* will do something similar with RDR2. Ooooooooooo theories and ideas. LOL.
  11. Same, I was really young when RDR1 released and played through it so many times, can't remember if I got 100% on story and definitely didn't get all the achievements. But, since then, on my newer account because all progress was recorded on my older one, I started playing on my account in 2016 and recently, managed to 100% the story a few times and very recently obtained all achievements.
  12. Anyone else expecting to see a gameplay video this week now that we got another unexpected content drop? Or do you think Rockstar are going to start releasing info weekly?
  13. Perhaps we might see something this week with the first magazine covering RDR2, we've had an exclusive preview of the PlayStation magazine coming out as well. Guess we will have to wait but there's about 38 days left and 26 of those days are in October so the hype is starting to get real.
  14. No matter what, R* have learnt a lot from GTA Online, I know they're focused on the story mode but I'm sure they'll blow us away with the new Red Dead Online.
  15. Charles perhaps contains potential to become an enforcer, since he's a recruit he has a lot to prove, which in the gameplay trailers he offers to go hunting with Arthur to grow a bond and get more involved in the gang by providing to prove himself.
  16. So since the last gameplay video dropped, I waited a month for the next video to be released and of course as I'm making this thread the second part still hasn't dropped. As much as I want to see more gameplay and more than we've seen before, I have decided that I honestly don't mind that R* are holding their cards close to their chest. The way I see it now is, the less that we know, the better the experience first playing will be like. I will definitely watch newer gameplay videos if they release before launch but if we don't I wont get annoyed. What about everyone else?
  17. R* need to use a lot of the different features from RDR1, the game was perfect for players who like a challenge or would rather just explore the world without constantly being killed. Personally I’d like the same modes for free roam to come back, just being new and improved.
  18. I doubt it will be bad like GTA, they’ve had 8 years on this game they’ll do us proud. (Hopefully) rate the username aswell XOTWOD.
  19. Definitely gonna rock my Arthur with a beard, but I like everything original, I’d probably prefer to play as Arthur as he is clothing wise.
  20. You’ve got to consider that they were playing it in their camp, doubt they’d be gambling a load of money between friends. Especially when they are on the run and got the money from robberies.
  21. Playing through the original story, watching different Western Movies and trying to find games that will keep me occupied until it releases.
  22. I am quite happy that we only have one again, personally I think Arthur is a cool character and I’m looking forward to learning more about him, the same for the other characters as well.
  23. Judging by today being quiet, I DEFINITELY believe we will see the gameplay next week without a single doubt in my mind.
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