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  1. I would like to see more improvement with our camps. RS have said we are stuck with these camps for a while. Which means we are living in our camps for this year and probably most of next year as well. I would like to have the ability to sleep in our tents and take a god damn bath. My character hasn't slept in nearly 14 months or had a bath lol.
  2. Who is excited by this DLC? I am! The mere thought of working towards owning your own property and eventually a saloon complete with band and dancefloor! God damn! Feel free to share your thoughts!
  3. RS have said several times in press releases, they have no immediate plans to expand the map into say Mexico. RS have said they want to focus on adding more content to the existing map. Therefore it is fair to say we will not see any map expansion in 2020 or 2021. After that well.......
  4. My advice don't buy them. There are enough content on Youtube that you can access via Reddit to collect stuff. I know I have made over 100k using the info available from YT content creators.
  5. My character wears all black, gathered bandana, always up, with balloon goggles and only uses a Springfield. Any of that match? Nah definitely not you. This Guy was hopeless as well. Left the lobby after I killed him a second time.
  6. Not my cup of tea lads. But I admire anyone who gets a good idea and runs with it. Best of luck!
  7. RS have indicated a new Outlaw pass is coming. At the moment one can only speculate when that will be. Next week, next month, next year.
  8. I agree with you Freakshow. Owlhoot Family was the best. Phillip Carlier was the most imaginative and my second choice. Btw is Freakshow your ingame name. Because I had a run in with a griefer called Freakshow in Lemoyne. Just this weekend past.
  9. Do missions for example story missions and stranger missions. You can also do PVP but something tells me you may struggle at first. Take the easy route learn the game first.
  10. On console that would be at the very least difficult and a pain.
  11. I have placed 5 sturgeon in hunting wagon.
  12. Some loot boxes you cannot open because of where they are located.
  13. If you are in a posse while playing online. Your tent becomes part of the Posse leaders camp. That is just the way it is hombre. Doesn't make sense to have a posse with 7 campsites dotted around the map.
  14. Perhaps you could contact Rockstar and suggest this to them. They are always open to ideas and feedback from players.
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