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  1. Everybody is running around gettin their Shine On!!! And I'm stuck at work!!!
  2. I see. I can understand that. It makes sense now. You'll have to forgive my lack of experience of online play. I only have maybe 5 months of online playing time with RDR2. Seems like you would have to do some pretty harsh stuff to get banned. The idea of someone else getting you banned by some action seems more plausible.
  3. "Far fetched" was a bad choice of words. I guess I was just trying to convey my surprise of the topic. WOW!! Companies including R* take the game far to seriously. I come from a different time. I never would have thought that a person who has bought the game and console and paid for his/her yearly gold membership would have to worry about being kicked offline for taking short cuts. A glitch in the game is a glitch in the game. It's just a game. It's fake money, fake gold, it's not like the person is getting rich off of distributing cocaine. I guess I look at the game as free roam to b
  4. It hasn't happened to me and it seems far fetched. But if R* does ban or punish for cheating or exploiting glitches, it is sort of childish to me. I mean it's software for crying out loud. It's basically a living software to be exact. It's constantly being tweaked and adjusted for improvement. Glitches and problems are guaranteed. That's just how it goes with programming. But to call it cheating or serve restrictions because you duplicated 75 perfect cougars, that's taking the game and business a little to seriously. Now if your talking about smoking weed in gamer chat or droppin
  5. I agree with Dredd. I wish I had all that money back. Lumper is right as well. Seems like the camp works best if you stop game play at your camp before exiting game play via the start button menu. When you start back up, your camp may not be in that exact spot, but most times it will be close instead of mia. Seems like when you reform your created posse before selecting to set camp helps the camp to generate quickly. I may be wrong but it seems that way to me.
  6. "Yukon" Nic was from Canada. The Bounty Queen said "it was medieval up there". Does this mean that the map will be expanded above what we have now? I started with Red Dead Redemption years ago. It was truly an amazing game to me for it's time. I call the territory south of the big river Mexico. Will that be an area that will be opened up one day? I'm not complaining one bit about what we have now. I'm just wondering because the game has so much potential.
  7. A slightly longer barrel option for the semi and pump would be nice. But only if it was actually available in that era of history. The rabbit ear double barrel looks good. The semi and pump sorta look a little short. But that's just my opinion. Any gun that was used during that time period would be cool. Make them as close to the real gun as possible and let the players pick and choose. The camp foot locker can hold the unused equipment until they set up the pawn shops to sell the unwanted.
  8. In my experience, the bolt action tops the springfield in pvp. Hunting, the springfield tops the bolt action. I said that to say this, pick the one best for what you do the most of. Just my opinion. I got the the springfield first but I hunt 90% of the time. I suffered in pvp with it though. If I could do over, I'd get the bolt action first. It's always on my back when I feel there is a chance I may get into fights with players or characters. Keep in mind, I'm Xbox if there are differences.
  9. I can sympathize with you frostfiretulsa. I've been playing solo for 95% of the levels. Im at 180 something now. Some days I was simply target practice for the griefers. Others, I would make good progress. It's easier now since they added the defense mode and roles. Before the roles, it was a lot of unbalanced game play. That was all players did was seek and destroy. I'm sure it was worse than that in the beta stages of it. I finished the story mode end of spring last year before trying online. If you don't get griefed, you won't learn the tricks available for pvp. Every time so
  10. The Springfield seems to work better than the bolt action for me when hunting. Regardless of clean shots or rushed shots. I let the auto aim pick the spot and pull the trigger. I do think one of my ability cards effects the results as well. I've been testing different card builds and I've noticed a reduction in the my percentages of keeping a 3 star to a 3 star. I use the recurve on alligators. Dead eye shows the heart spot and head spot to aim for. Make sure you come full draw on the bow, don't just flick the trigger button. I can't remember if the poison tips take away a star on an a
  11. Who are the founding fathers of the group? Does the club promote honorable gameplay or a griefer style mentality? What purpose does a club such as the RL's serve?
  12. I guess I'm always put in the beginners sessions. I've made several deliveries. I always run the long distance deliveries. I'm always running solo due to not knowing anyone that plays. Or maybe everyone takes mercy on me. I have stolen 1 wagon. But i stopped short of the drop off and gave it back. It was fun and I'm sure the other fellow was grateful.
  13. I agree with Volt. My sons got me the game last Christmas. I played the entire story mode and then some before trying online. I just started playing online this past June. The story mode does help with online. You can run into some harsh characters online so don't get discouraged with it. Do you know that women can be vicious? Some of the harshest characters I've run into are women playing with female characters. I am an adult and for me it's fun. And I don't even have friends that play. Anyone that I play with online, which isn't many, are people I've never met. I was surprised at
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