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  1. My preferred shotgun or close combat weapon. Attractive weapon sound and 1-shot kill potential.
  2. Huge, 50% discount off fast travel was just what we needed to have this game being in healthy state
  3. They should never have nerfed hunting until they fix this despawning issue. I'm aware of that if trying to kill multiple animals, I should have them killed as close each other as I can, yet even though I do this they will despawn. I feel like rdr online is dying as hunting was one of the reasons why people were still showing up on rdr online. Overall its just disappointing that even though u see multiple animals there is not much you can do abt it when u know that despite killing each and everyone of them u may only harvest 1 or 2 of them. This reason alongside with lowered value of animals doesn't encourage to hunt like we did before imo. I have experienced less animals spawning and also sessions without this issue. It's still too early to tell. I did have abt 10 friends playing rdr online but now there is only 1 of them still returning to rdr. Its obvious that the game is dying, there are better options to spend time on.
  4. yes because animals have less value, spawn less and if u kill multiple animals they disappear when u are skinning 1st or at least while u are skinning ur 2nd animal.
  5. my game does freeze every 30 minutes or so its unplayable at the moment
  6. The spot above worked really well for me. Usually there is no struggle to catch 10x steelheads from this location. I personally preferred to cast from the smaller island on north towards to coast of bigger island on south. The best thing abt this spot is that u mainly catch steelheads and there are a lot of them between the 2 islands.
  7. I still managed to have cougar spawn in this spot but it was nowhere easy like before. I don't really recommend this spot any longer. If u are in Blackwater then it might be worth it to occasionally check this spot...
  8. My friend had a glitch he could make in gta online where he would become immortal. I was thinking maybe this could be something similar.
  9. You will have to load a new lobby and then you will be back in the original map. I don't think there is other method to leave Guarma. Theoretically it would be maybe possible to get back to original map through Mexico but I don't see reason to make such effort when you can just load new lobby.
  10. Yea I'm glad it worked out for you. I just can't see any better moneymaking method than this. Hoping for businesses like in GTA though.
  11. I was fishing salmons in Dakota River until fishing was nerfed. I haven't been fishing a single time since fishing was nerfed.
  12. Hunting cougar near Blackwater. Easy to get perfect pelt with Bolt Action Rifle. Cougar always spawn in same spot and when u learn it you will get perfect pelt everytime u hunt it. I don't know why but I have been several times only ones in session with my posse members and have not been struggling with griefers.
  13. Yea I'm aware of this location along with some other locations. I'm not saying that the location I recommended in this topic is superior to others, but I prefer to hunt in this location simply because of the reason that its so near to butcher. There is also not only cougars to hunt, on the other side of road there are often bison herd spawning and you can cash on with them as well. Also the obvious ones deers and such. But I have managed to make it like hundred times in such way that I first hunted cougar then ride to butcher in Blackwater, then back to hunt and in less than 3 minutes I have managed to hunt 2 cougars. Then I might as well hunt bisons before I return to butcher.
  14. I'm currently at rank 34 and I have 3k money and have done every missions multiple times and explored entire map. I needed something new stuff to do for entertainment and this Guarma thing helped with that lol. I made this topic in purpose that if someone is in similar position like me that they need to do something completely different then there is this Guarma thing available. If folks need some cash then there is this easy method with cougars in Blackwater.
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