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  1. Height/weight/build would be very tough to implement, as others have said, but if R* could somehow put in the work to figure it out, I would be totally for it. As for realistic customization, the more, the better for me. I think customiation is one thing that makes games so great, especially the online end, seeing as you're in a lobby full of other real-life players, you won't wanna look anything like them. That's how it is for me at least. I love diversity in online games. I also have my own sense of style in real life that I've somewhat copied on GTA. Obviously I can't afford to dress as nice in real life as I do with most of my GTA wardrobe, but I'm getting there lol, and my point is still there. As for different facial features, hair, facial hair, eye color, they are all obviously going to be options to change. I have a strong feeling that R* will carry over GTAV's customization options, and introduce many more new options as well. I'm really looking forward to tweaking my character and his outfits to make it all kinda of "my own" in Red Dead Online.
  2. I really like the sound of "The ______ Boys Gang". That will definitely be something I go with when I get my gang created, seeing as R* keeps the "crew" system.
  3. They have John Marston as an option for your GTA Online character's father, which I did lol. I guess my Red Dead Online character will be somehow related to Marston if the heritage tree thing is true.
  4. Seeing that there are 2 unlockable (whole) outfits for preorder, will we be stuck buying whole outfits in online, or will it be more like GTA where we can do whatever we want?
  5. It's a topic I've thought about a couple times, and pretty much the only one on this forum that hasn't been brought up yet. Surely most of you know that you can take pictures and upload them to R* Social Club for the public to see. Do you think they can somehow pull that off with Red Dead? Maybe instead of a phone camera, the player can just snap a picture of anything they want to, without their character actually doing anything? Something like GTA's video editor, but with pictures. I feel like Snapmatic was a great way to capture memories and cool things in GTA Online and I'd be pretty disappointed if they completely ditched the idea in Red Dead. I still enjoy going through my old gen Snapmatic to remember the good old days. Thoughts?
  6. Loved this thread until someone mentioned Cowboys vs. Aliens. Jesus Christ, go play Bioshock or something. I'm tired of people thinking EVERY game has to be some unrealistic shitshow. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be as realistic as possible upon release and I don't see that changing one bit, and it doesn't need to.
  7. Well, here's one better for ya. Not quite a vault, but you get the point.
  8. Definitely nothing confirmed yet. I like to speculate on this topic more than most others and I feel like heists are such a big part of GTA 5 and online that there's no way in hell R* doesn't carry over that idea to Red Dead, in story mode and online. To put heists in RDR2 is a no-brainer. Train robberies, bank robberies, hell maybe we'll even be able to stick up stores for small change. Nothing is confirmed, but I personally feel there's a 95% chance we will have westernized versions of heists in RDR2. Oh and before I forget, there's IS a screenshot of our main character walking away from what looks to me like 2 bank "vaults" blowing up, so that basically confirms it. I will go find it and give you the link. There are also multiple instances in the trailer where the main character looks to be pointing a gun at a bank teller, forcing him to the safe. I guess you could say it's "confirmed" although no official word, but you really don't need one if you watch the trailer(s).
  9. Of all of the things I'm looking forward to, GTA made me think of the snow lobbies in Red Dead Online. If they do that, imagine how great it's gonna look...
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