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  1. Back in the Beta, Stranger Missions were bread and butter. Now it is better for me to run a 4 man posse so that I can cycle the Legendary Bounty. If there a bunch of us online, we will put out the word the someone has a full wagon. Basically taking turns running in large goods wagons , 3* bounties and the Legendary Bounty. Easy way to help lower levels rank up. 7 man posse is almost unproductive for me now considering the payout for the Legendary. Everyone is different of course, that is just my thoughts. Seems the only time I run in 7 is when a fight breaks out and join in to help.
  2. Players should not be able to kill you in Defensive BUT you can't harm players at all either. You are kinda like a ghost. While in Defensive , you also have limited activities that you can participate just like in GTA. So basically Defensive Mode would be for players to get separation from other players or do things like visiting shops in town. The minute you pull a gun you are kicked out of it.
  3. I give other posses the right away if I see they are in a mission. I go out of my way to avoid making them suspicious of my intentions. I have fired on players/posses that ride directly toward you like a bat out of hell with guns out. Sorry, not waiting around to see if you want some salted venison. I watched your blip and you purposely changed direction to head my way. Especially if I have a larger($625) drop. No way am I taking that chance. I'm not entitled and fully expect other players to treat me the same way. This world is big enough where you don't have to get all up in someone's personal space. But I have found some players/posses like to push the limit by getting so close that it causes them to be shot. All so they came scream... "They shot me!!! They shot me!!!!". Than they always act oh so innocent. Your innocent but I saw you scoping me from the rock. Please. It doesn't happen all the time but 90% of the time I shoot someone on a mission is because they deserved it. Bottom line if you see a posse/player with a $625 load, stay away unless you want to get shot or think you actually can take the wagon. I play with very aggressive people and very passive people, BUT both will shoot if you come to close during that drop.
  4. I feel the 3 roles was a " Shut up and take this" . It was meant to be easy. Hell the Trader is basically a modified supply mission from GTA. I think R* feels they released to much top tier content to fast on GTA. They aren't trying to repeat that. They want you to stay in the "outlaw" vibe for as long as they can stretch it out. I believe eventually you will own businesses like oil , tobacco , railroad, etc. They are just trying to drag out the progression. Right now all the roles lack depth, content, complexity or any form of a real challenge. If they follow GTA model with content, this will hopefully change. Right now the 5* Legendary Bounty is the only semi difficult content. They did an EXCELLENT job on this weeks on a side note. Hopefully the next update turns it up. I remember playing the beta and the grind to lvl 100 was real. Was really disappointed in how fast I was able to rank up the roles. XP is waaaaay to high. Like what is the point of Stranger Missions now? They pay crap and give you little xp. That was the bread and butter for a lot of us. Now it is pointless when you can work any of the 3 trades and make a ton more. You make $625 in a large wagon run and like 2500xp. Do you know how many Stranger Missions you would have to run to get that? Hopefully they make those activities worthwhile again. I think R* does have a plan from all the interviews I have heard. They plan to "dive deeper" into the roles. The 3 roles are starter roles in a progression arch. At least I hope that is the case. One of the things I love about GTA is running the heist. Tough end game content that is enjoyable and challenges you. Would love to see RDO go that route....but with Abilty Cards it may be laughable . IMO
  5. Dunno. I do a 5* farm weekly. Guess we will see. Of course I rarely change my buckle/clothes. lol.
  6. Don't know about glitching , but I constantly get thrown into a solo lobby for supply missions and large supply drops. Don't mind for supply missions because I can hunt. But I hate being thrown into a solo lobby for the $625 supply drop. I think R* is trolling me because they must know I hate it.
  7. There are 10 total. Probably a buckle or something. Just check the awards.
  8. Yeah. Annoying as hell. And so cheap. Had a dude with dynamite arrows pulling the same non sense. So I killed his horse with an explosive. I think he was surprised I could target his horse. When he hit the ground, I shot him with an incendiary slug. He pressed charges and left the session. Dude dressed like a KKK member was trolling my camp in defensive the other day. Throwing fire bottles and dynamite like an idiot. I dropped the flag and killed him. I can free aim buddy. Guess some people think that everyone is auto aim dependent in this game. Sorry slim. lol
  9. Guy popped defensive near me while I was hunting. He was trying to take my kills and my perfect cougar off my house. I couldn't lock on him but I hip fired a semi auto in his gut and killed him. He kept coming back trying to pull the same crap. I hate defensive for reasons like that . Just another way for players to troll. I have been attacked by more players in defensive than normal players since update. Had a lvl 335 camping the post office in Valentine with a shotgun shooting people than hiding in the post office. Pathetic. I never use it and never will. I know people that target players in defensive purposely but leave normal players alone. I feel Defensive Mode has failed. They were trying to make a hybrid of GTA passive mode I guess. Best Defensive Mode for a player IMO is situational awareness sprinkled with common sense.
  10. Yup. You have to. I honestly don't even know how to use the emotes.
  11. Same. I don't have time for rope games cause you gotta work out some kinky fetish. But I am also all about teaching valuable lessons if you are feeling froggy and wanna jump.
  12. Not saying all groups are bad. BUT.....a lot have that tough guy pack mentality when they have the numbers. When solo I usually stay clear of groups , don't wave or anything. I'm like a ghost. Situational awareness is key. I'm not ex law enforcement, but I do have experience in security. I make it a habit in real life and in video games to always know what or who is around me. I don't trust anyone running towards me in this game unless you are on my friends list. lol DTA
  13. When the beta first launched it happened all the time to people . Now, not so much. But they just seem like they did it for their own amusement. I guarantee if you were not alone, they wouldn't have pulled that. I personally don't do that to people. I am guilty of pretending to be "AFK" sometimes to see what dumbdumbs are in the area.
  14. I used the bounty wagon. Once in there they can't get out. But all and all it really is kinda lack luster. The way R* was hyping up Player Bounties, I was expecting more. That is why it is rare to see one pop up. Most people will just ignore it. Hopefully it changes in the future. But to me the 3 roles seem very hollow and lack depth/complexity.
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