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  1. They're gonna let us be train conductors and give kids choo choo rides around the map before heists, huh?
  2. I logged in about an hour and a half ago and got all the 0.1 and 200xp payouts for today's challenges that I finished. Good luck finding skunks today.
  3. I would've preferred they increased the chances of pamphlet payouts in treasures and looting, but I'm lvl 109 and don't mind lower levels getting access to this stuff. The only unpredictable thing about Free Roam is random griefers, and giving them explosives is the closest thing to a content update we'll get for a while.
  4. I got the fire bottle one when I was just starting out, and it never registers as "read," but I am able to craft them when I have the ingredients. I read it after every update, but so far it's still glitched. Already reported it to R*.
  5. This would be a great feature. Whenever I'm grinding stranger missions while my friends are offline, I'll create a temporary public posse and hope some random hops on who knows the basics. I welcome new players, but once I start explaining the weird "wait the clock out and hunt/gather for more $ and XP" they usually bail or LEEEROY JENKINS the mission. I joined the Team Up community on here too, but not sure how to approach folks when joining their session or inviting them to mine. It needs some secret (free) emote when you approach people, imo.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. My extra gold bars just arrived, and presumably my Social Club account is safe from hackers extorting my playing data to my employers.
  7. R* should at least gift us free sweatpants if they're not going to fix it.
  8. I could only see the "bad" red player blips on my (Android) phone app. They show up as white, however. What are now "safe" blue dots are still pink dots, but only visible when also close enough to show up in the HUD radar, or as red blips if they're countering a stranger mission.
  9. An armory like Arthur's wagon in the campaign so we can store the trash weapons like the carbine and not have to cycle through them on the horse. And Cripps needs an ice bucket for those room temp beers.
  10. Parlaying the person's entire posse should be the default. I learned what "parlay" meant from The Wire, and Stringer Bell would not abide this current nonsense system.
  11. I've seen it, but they're not always hostile. My best guess is players from free roam events are getting dumped into an area when it's over.
  12. I saw the birds gliding like kites too. Around Emerald Ranch and Lemoyne. Guess R*'s gotta save that rendering for the three people playing Gun Rush.
  13. I mute and keep my mic off most of the time, unless I'm in a posse and want to coordinate. Although I'm rethinking this after someone joined, hopped on the back of my horse, and proceeded to ask me a million friendly questions while I was doing all the riding and stranger mission work.
  14. I was lurkin', but no longer since that's for jerk-ins. MrBigFatWhale on PSN.
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