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  1. Back in the Beta days, the griefing was so bad and I was a novice PvP player, I decided to do the research the best ability cards via youtube and then immersed myself in Showdowns until I could hold my own in combat. Practice, Practice Practice.
  2. I use regular ammo and never use consumables. I want to maximize profit.
  3. lol, level 170, tons of pvp, never knew about cover....................... Same here, but I think it works a little better if you go to showdowns from main menu. I was going from free roam, always black then.
  4. What are "player kills from cover in Showdowns"? I played for a couple of hours, never got a kill from "cover".
  5. Am I missing something? I go menu>abilities>.........cards. It takes a long time when you're in a shoot-out.
  6. Yes, players do join occasionally, most ignore it though. I send invites to low levels who are being grieved also. Posse members need to communicate via mic for efficiency. It can be as simple as mutual support for grieving/assassinations and everyone does their own thing otherwise.
  7. I don't actually "know" anybody. I invite randoms for daily challenges or just because I'm bored.
  8. I ran away so I wouldn't have a shoot out. I wanted to see what the knife would do.
  9. My honor is always maxed. I bought the poison throwing knife pamphlet yesterday. I had about 5 minutes IRL, before going offline. I stuck a poison knife in the back of a nearby blue blip and and ran away to see what would happen. Bad karma awaits me.
  10. R* will send you a confirmation email that the process has been completed. Then in about 24 hours 10 gold will be added to your account.
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