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  1. Having a mic is up to you. Some people prefer people with mics but if you are happy to do things on your own you wont need a mic. (i have a mic but hardly use it for online gaming myself but everyone is different. And yes online has a bit of a story to it but no where near as much as Single Player. Should be able to find some forum posts here with some tips and hints to get ya going in the wild west online
  2. Same thing no fee to play rdr just need a PSN subscription On ps4 you have a friends list and can add more people that way. (you can see what they do so if people are on rdr you can join them quickly) Most of the time im on i dont really see that many people and most people have left me alone. from what ive read as long as you are 150 meters away you are invisible on that map to other people. so pretty safe to do fishing or hunting etc
  3. Yeah might to slow to start with.......people may get annoyed......but in the end you paid for the game and you can play it as fast or as slow as you want. if people are gonna get mad over slow people then not worth giving them the time of day as far as i see it. If you are ps4 add me : Juddsie if xbox hopefully you enjoy ya time on the game.
  4. PSN: Juddsie Im 26-looking for friendly players to enjoy the wild west with.
  5. I agree plus ya never know what will happen online. Just like GTAO spent 100 something days online and it was great fun. best to give it a go. if you dont like it, at least you can say you tried it.....
  6. Still looking for more Ps4 players. Like i said happy to do whatever. just not interested in annoying other players. Username: Juddsie im on most days and ready to make some money on RDR Have a nice day.
  7. I sometimes feel its down to where you are in the world.
  8. I made a mistake....things like this happen. Its working so its all pretty much irrelevant now anyway 😉
  9. I found that the issue was NBN in AU had big issues....i cant blame Rockstar for this one.
  10. Im in the middle some work some dont. Some i can trot away from then come back and its works.......Strange.
  11. Anyone else not able to get on because of this ?
  12. Trying these new free roam missions....but all the doors are locked......strange.....
  13. I really hope too see Bully2 then GTA6.
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