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  1. He's the machinegunner in The Son on AMC.
  2. I just want list of what semiautomatic pistols will be used in the game
  3. A. No semi autos or modern MGs in the game. B. Not being able to loot the dead and sell their stuff. C. Not being to able to take injured dogs and cats for medical help. D. 'A" not purchasable with enough cash at the game's start, too.
  4. A Mauser c96 pistol or Schwarlozse 1898 should be both mandatory and accessible early in the game, too.
  5. If tornadoes were part of missions, people would accept. For example, you have to ride to warn a one room school that a tornado is coming and for that, the town's doctor give you free care afterwards, cool. Having tornados be a totally random thing would be awful.
  6. The price of a Mauser pistol in the early 1900's was $25.00. $2.00 Peacemakers means that more advanced handguns, like double actions and automatics will be achievable but not a K-Mart blue light special, either.
  7. The Stranger in both games is a form of TBI. In the first game, I believe Marsden was badly hurt in the 1906 fire mentioned the Newspaper that supposedly offed the Van der Linde game. Bonnie got him to the doctor at Thieve's landing. In 1906, X-rays were limited to places like Blackwater. John suffered minor neurological damage to the memory center of his brain. The Stranger is therefore a hallucination John periodically encounters, I am willing to accept that Stranger in RDR is supernatural, also.
  8. With least three towns confirmed, the game play possibilities are endless, too Perhaps even making advanced weapons and technology purchasable much earlier in the game, too?
  9. Drew Carey as Frank Ekstrom. Uniform: Derby with purple tinted lens mirror goggles. White overalls with white long sleeve shirt and brown pull on boots. Vehicle: Horse, but can ride motorcycle, bicycle and qualified electric trolley operator. Weapons packed: Mauser c96 pistol, Schwarlozse 1898 pistol. Winchester 1892 rifle, .44-40. Skills: weapons expert, meteorologist, veterinarian, hunter, tracker, trader. Story: Born in Transvaal in 1874, He got his two degrees at a college in Johannesburg, He picked up his weapons skills fighting the Zulus and Xhosa when they attacked his Dad's ranch repeatedly. When the war with Britain came in 1899, He formed a posse that captured an entire battalion of British soldiers. Among them were thirty members of British royalty. He hanged all the royalty and disarmed but released the rest. British agents have tried to kill him repeatedly, on the orders of Lord Kitchener. He fled to America and ended up running with the Van der Linde Gang. Appearance. Medium sized, Hitler mustache, Shaved head and face, One green and one blue eye. Psych profile: Good natured and friendly. Is loyal to the gang but won't harm the innocent. Has even spared police when allowed to do so. "Offing cops give us a bad rep. Why risk the army getting involved?" Has repeatedly treated the poors' dogs and cats for free. Respects Arthur Morgan and often helps him, too. Love interest: Karen. Animal companion: Bobby, a trained Pug whom retrieves stuff. Bobby has helped the gang member s escape jail multiple times by sneaking keys to them. Fate: The three were federally pardoned in 1905 after Dutch gave them permission to leave the gang. Karen married Frank but Arthur lived with them as a loyal friend too. They lived happily until their 1961 deaths from old age, too.
  10. The Son is my fave western. Born Again, single, chihuahua owner whom owns a 1911, AK, AR-15, and soon to be 9mm. I like Godzilla and video games, too
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