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  1. yes sadly it is only 5. for all the work that went in should be 20
  2. wish they would fix the animal and camp spawn
  3. if we keep this up maybe she'll show a pattern to her spawn
  4. couldn't spawn a camp today, several servers and several tries on each. it's been bad for a couple weeks. i'm happy that the animals are better.
  5. 47 Florida USA. gamertag same as my name. all 3 roles trader and collector lvl 20 BH lvl 3. my camp has fast travel and stew pot, can expand on our posse if need be if more than 7 members on at a time.
  6. the last couple of days have been better. i have been on the same servers for a few hours and animals have been spawning. even Emerald Ranch is full of cows and sheep
  7. hell no I've camped there and had no spawn of Cows,Goats,Chickens,Sheep, but Horses yes a few there.
  8. really, it's a game and if you choose to do long range trade you open yourself to being attacked. if you cry and whine about it more people will attack you. don't be greedy and stick with local.
  9. i bought that before the stew pot. use it all the time, more than the stew pot
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