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  1. i know it has great stats but really now? a dwarf-like pony? the real life Arabian isn't small at all. I love the thoroughbred or tennessee walker, the Turkoman, Andalusia, Novota, Kentucky Saddler are great too but not the Morgan or mustang, they're small. Just food for thought, not a criticism of the game. Here's a true Arabian (top photo), notice the proportions, just like the size of a thoroughbred in RDR2 while Dutch's "The Count" below.
  2. Before the latest patches, this mission was so confusing that i came across posts about coming back after a couple of days bec gamers couldn't get the stash in the chimney or wherever. I too (on my 1st run) had the mission left open in my log despite robbing the place. But i did it yesterday (2nd run) and only the kid was in the house reading (who i knocked unconscious). No money in the chest near his bed, no stash in the chimney either but i found the blue stash outside the house. This completed the mission imo bec it's no longer in my log. No more "Catfish Jackson Home Robbery - Investi
  3. ...that gal needs my ring around her finger. RS has to allow AM to make advances that'll go somewhere w/ her imo.
  4. For some reason, after i sleep in camp or quit the game, when i come back to play, it's the gun i don't like. Any way around this?
  5. new roles? pls tell. Is that online or story mode?
  6. 👍 Black Arabian? oh you mean the one for sale at the St. Denis stable?
  7. RS has been outstanding with their kind of support to gamers like me with systems that can run on minimum. From a crawl to a run, from 14 fps to 33-42 in 2 weeks, i can say that in all my 20+ years of pc gaming, RS has been the quickest to respond WITH FIXES, and not just verbals. Why even Nvidia came out w/ a hotfix 441.34 in the same period of time. That's all my post is about. Btw photo below is from my "ancient" GTX 960 that could not even come close to this 2 weeks ago before the updates. Look at it now. No crashes, and no more annoying 5 sec freezes. Thank you RS...very much.
  8. I'm running low on those settings that won't create much graphical ugliness, As long as texture is on ultra, lighting medium, TAA and FXAA enabled, Tree quality medium, and others on low like global illumination, reflection, decals, sharpening, volumetric fog, long shadows, grass density, etc. And btw never use the word "most of us on pc" unless you can provide an actual confirmed count of how many "us" actually is, bec if it's just your opinion i'm afraid that's weak. You are not the spokesman for the RDR2 PC community. Fair?
  9. Somehow i have no interest in Arabians and Morgans. I have 4 and they're all thoroughbreds.
  10. I'm so full of guns already. besides i needs the money and i don't use most of them anyway. I don't want to have to scroll over my choices.
  11. ...my rig w/c is ancient (GTX 960 4gb VRAM; Intel i3-8100 3.6 ghz, and only 8 gb RAM) crawled the day i played RDR2 for the 1st time. But 2 weeks into the game and after 3 major updates, i can run it with Texture quality at Ultra, 4x AF. FXAA enabled, Medium Light quality, Vulkan, Fullscreen, V-sync and TB enabled, and the rest at low. Running well at ave 36 fps whereas before it crawled to a standstill. Now i dunno what happened, the only changes i know were from Rockstar's updates and the Nvidia hotfix driver 441.34. Here's an actual screenshot. Notice the ground.
  12. yeah, many gamers have told me the same thing and these guys are in no way cowboy fans. I guess it only validates RS's success w/ the RDR series.👍
  13. This is great to hear actually. Well, the missus needs to understand that her husband is just an armchair gunslinger. 😉
  14. RS's latest update addressing issues with 4-core and 6-core cpus have solved it at least for me. I'm on my 2nd run at 18% into the game w/ a lot of things happened and not a single freeze. Now it becomes truly enjoyable. And to add to this observation, i dunno but my gameplay is a lot smoother compared to week 1. Thank you RS for the support.
  15. ...it'll still be a great experience, but if you are, wow, the horse physics and graphics alone will blow you away.
  16. definitely! but i'll stay away from the online stuff. I never was much of an online gamer no matter what game. Doing the story mode the 2nd time with knowledge of most skills will surely make for a more gratifying experience imo. Thanks for all the support guys. Much obliged partner.
  17. ...from start to finish. Getting ready for a 2nd go. Thank you Rockstar, it was well worth it. And that stutter fix yesterday, that'll make my 2nd run even better. 😍
  18. wait till you reach the epilogue then perhaps you'll have a change of heart.
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