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  1. there's a reason for multiple threads. when no response is available, the tendency is to repeat esp. to get the attention of anyone from Rockstar support. But yeah, i get ya. Rules are rules and need to be followed.
  2. i don't see any menu bar. Fullscreen is what it says, a full screen. No menu bars. You must mean windowed.
  3. The brown one is a thoroughbred and the black is a Kentucky Saddler. Both roamed the Heartlands west of Emerald ranch. I noticed that the thoroughbreds are bigger. The smaller ones are the Morgans. I don't get those.
  4. yup, that DX12 switch isn't solving it i'm afraid at least not in my case. Besides if you're on dx12, it'll default to windowed borderless even if you change it to FS. But if you're on Vulkan, it'll stay at FS. I read that fullscreen offers slightly better framerates.
  5. me too, after back & forth i ended up with Vulcan, fullscreen.
  6. found the problem. well its not really a problem, If you're on dx12 it will always default to windowed borderless. If on Vulcan, fullscreen will always stay on.
  7. wild horse. But it's ok, i figured it out. Thanks anyway.
  8. despite setting it to fullscreen, it always reverts back. Sometimes while playing. Any fix for this?
  9. I did what was advised online from updating drivers, graphics settings both ingame and via Nvidia, but it seems the freezes are exactly the same length of time (about 5 secs) and it returns to playability always. It can freeze during gameplay or cutscenes. I'm stumped. Anyone?
  10. yeah, but i have a question. Since i seldom buy horses. I take them from the wild and tame them. Why are some more difficult to call or interact with than others? ex. the distance between me and a horse i'm trying to call is not the same. There's this one beautiful horse that i managed to get really close to but the "call" option didn't appear, while others do even from afar.
  11. The "sell" option is greyed out. ????
  12. Now i'm robbing stagecoaches and trains and holding up people all because of that bandana and getting away with it. Although i admit being in jail a couple of times.
  13. After playing it for like 8 hours i feel like i don't wanna touch my other games at the moment, y'know? All of a sudden my RTS games are in the freezer and my futuristic titles don't seem to matter anymore. Geez i hate RDR2.
  14. Yes, it's what i'm doing right now. The story mode is giving me sleepless nights. Love the western genre.
  15. Is he full? i still have biscuits and crackers, etc/
  16. I haven't done the part where i have to Make Amends with this Tommy fella. I guess i missed him that same night w/ Lenny. Can i still talk to him after? that i could complete it? if so where can he be found?
  17. 1)I aim w/ right mouse button 2) press middle mouse to slow time, 3) then what?
  18. I did that DX12 thing and there was a noticeable drop in freezing occurrences, but they still happen although few and far between.
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