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  1. Here's what to do for Nvidia users (i dunno about AMD, sorry). This is from RS support, so i thought i'd save you the trouble of visiting their site. 1) download and install Nvidia hotfix driver 441.34 (while it's called a hotfix it'll be your driver from now on. This overrides the previous). 2) In the RDR2 launcher remove the "cpuload Rebaalance" launch arguement if you have it. Restart computer and play. Enjoy!! So far after an hour of roamin around the homestead and outside i had no stutters. Not even one. So far, i got my fingers crossed. But anyhow, Thank you RS for making
  2. I wish they had a "view update" feature, that way we wouldn't have to ask what it's about. Please advise.
  3. The reason being the launcher and the game are one. When you transferred the launcher's location, you separated them. Now they can't communicate. As one poster suggested, delete/uninstall the launcher and game, then reinstall launcher and d/load the game again. Just like the 1st time around.
  4. but i read it's for another game? or is 441.12 still recommended for RDR2?
  5. BES -3% seems to work. Although i only tested it for a few minutes. Not conclusive but encouraging.
  6. I find her very pretty, sensible and stubborn. My kinda gal.
  7. ...for huge fish (perch, bec of it's size you need to stow it on your horse). Go to O'Creagh's Run Lake in the Grizzlies East, Ambarino near the Veteran's Homestead. Do the fishing mission with the man in the hut bec he has a special lure. After the mission you can fish on your own using the lure and be satisfied w/ your haul.
  8. at least the one consolation for us is that we're not alone and it's not our rig. But then again, this shouldn't be the case. I sure hope RS comes up with a more solid fix (as they said they would). I'd settle for a partial fix. Its better than nothing. sigh
  9. Ok. Let's put a value to this. From a scale of 1-100. How much would you say comprises the main story? so it follows that whatever is left are the other parts of the adventure, right? 30-70? 40-60? 50-50? 20-80?
  10. others here say its 51% of full game completion, so i'm more than halfway through the main story. In just a week. Cool!
  11. ...it can't be the whole game, can it? bec i haven't gotten out of New Hannover yet. I'm still in the swamps.
  12. i guess what i was meaning to say is if there's any performance difference like if fullscreen has slightly better fps ? that sort of thing.
  13. Look, pls look at it from the point of view of the paying customer, if we get notices about "fixes" we as an excited and enthusiastic bunch get hopeful such that if our issues aren't fixed, we get disappointed. That's all there is to it. I'm not cursing to the high heavens nor asking for a refund, i love the game and so do a lot of gamers. All i'm saying is it's frustrating. That's all. But i appreciate your prompt replies. It's proper. Thank you.
  14. Accdg. to this forum it was supposed to fix the stutters. But in my case here's what it did: 1) did not fix it 2) forced my some settings to low or off. 3) ruined the "Add Waypoint" feature. Now you can't just press "Enter" on any place on the map . If you do it places the waypoint some place else. C'mon RS you can do better than this. 'sigh'
  15. sorry, but the patch doesn't fix the stuttering, at least not for me...
  16. well. i just got it and still have those freezes. Ain't fixed at all.
  17. I'm confused bec i already got the boy's money and the stash in a chest outside the house, i even came back a couple of days later with the boy in the room who attacked me. Konocked him out but no more stash, but in the log it still says "Investigate the homestead" am i missing something,
  18. Solved! Defaulting to windowed borderless from fullscreen. It appears that it defaults only if the API is set to DX12. But if set to Vulkan, it keeps the setting.
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