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  1. Just quit the game and start over you don't lose goods
  2. I Play on PS4 and it's the same thing here my friend has shitty ISP I had too but found better options no disconnects now since December 2018 In my case it was ISP and I don't believe that Rockstar would want their money spenders I mean us players not be able to play it though I must admit it's only GTA and red that are so demanding when it comes to stable internet connection and I don't mean the speed because today I was playing four hours but it was only solo lobby no other players and during those four hours on solo lobby data usage was less than 250 MB !!!! While average on populated lobbies it's around 200 MB /hour
  3. Moonshiner is ok just buy mash wait doing collectibles bounty then deliver on autopilot and repeat every hour
  4. Alas PSN is only for 2019 incorrect too
  5. The time played is bugged I know that I played over thousand hours but it shows ten days always it's broken PSN wrap up is correct
  6. Its fine and worth doing but the part where you donate 90 feathers od bawi vulture eagle is not so wise better money selling them at the butcher
  7. I think its better to start bounty and dont go straight for the mission but go slowly searching for collectibles , doing daily challenges , and once you see 4:59 starts ticking only then go to the yellow point on map then the clock changes again and resets and now you dont have to wait for the Red 30 seconda no matter howwe fast you finish it pays well
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