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  1. Yeah they were too chewy to nom a lot of them. And I've been a regular at the gym since I was 19 anyway so I wasn't hugely worried about that. I just needed something to pretend to smoke!
  2. It's definitely worth getting the large wagon and taking full loads then. Thanks!
  3. For me, dating a non-smoker made it easier to quit. That might not be an option though! Another thing that helped was having something to do with my mouth. When I realised that no biro would survive contact with me I started buying packets of candy sticks to gnaw on instead. By the time I finished chewing one of those (or pretending to smoke them) I was sufficiently distracted and my habit sufficiently replicated that I'd lost interest in smoking anything.
  4. I used to play all my games on PS4, but I inherited an Xbox One last year and I how prefer the controller feels, so I've shifted over to that mostly now. Haven't really noticed a difference otherwise! I play on an old (2012?) Samsung LED 1080p TV. I used to have a Panasonic soundbar but it died, so I've hooked it up to a Logitech iPod dock thingy until I can replace it. Even my undemanding tastes couldn't handle the TV speakers.
  5. Oh! I've been avoiding buying the bigger wagons as I figured it was just a combination deal, and I don't mind doing the delivery missions more often. Guess I'd best stop buying hats and save up for the wagons then!
  6. Do you know if the largest deliveries pay more than four small deliveries in total, or is it just a time saver?
  7. I've been riding around New Hanover for about two hours now, and haven't seen any animals *at all*! If they've done anything to the spawn rates at all, then if anything they've made them worse somehow! I can at least usually find an odd deer, some turkeys and maybe a couple bunnies in that place. Not even a bird now! Edit: I finally found a two star deer - then I got disconnected!
  8. Oh I hope so! I've been doing OK on the animal front. While I've definitely noticed a significant paucity of animals, usually I go hunting up in the snowier part of the Grizzlies, which isn't necesssarily heavily populated, but I can at least get enough pelts and stuff by riding all the way to Sadie's shack and back to get Cripps working again. But the disconnects! They're driving me insane! Now that I've finally got a hunting wagon it's not so bad, but before I was losing so many of those valuable pelts that sometimes it took me two days to get one supply run out of it! I just went to load up the game and there's a 3gb patch on Xbox One, so here's hoping...
  9. Looting lockboxes seems like a bad idea to me. Aren't lockboxes essentially mail boxes? As a Fallout 76 player I'm very conscious of anything that involves accessing other people's 'inventories' - If it's not done right and there are bugs (and holy heck is this game buggy!), the results can be disastrous! Attacking other players' camps might be fun for people who enjoy that kind of thing. But with camps being what they are - largely impersonal, placed wherever the game chooses at random - I'm not sure what it'd really add. It's not like you can build any defences or site it somewhere strategic or anything like that, which might make such an idea more appealing. Customisation of camps is my biggest bugbear with the game so far actually. There's so little to really make it your own or really get invested in the things in any meaningful way. The few options we do have are so expensive that after nearly two and a half weeks of daily dedicated play I've only just been able to get a dog (although to be fair, I have been buying all of the clothes too)! Also, frankly it completely breaks my brain that Cripps works at all of them. You're riding around and you find multiple Cripps along the same stretch of road - what?! Some kind of weird inter-dimensional Cripps mutiverse stuff going on there, I tell you!
  10. Maybe it's to help (some) colour blind people? I know some games have been trying to keep them in mind lately. Blue and red might contrast well enough that it's less of a problem. Though the pink and red thing might not be much use!
  11. I only started playing a couple of weeks ago and I'm having a similarly frustrating experience with disconnects. And I've come from Fallout 76! This game is far, far worse in that respect! Somebody here told me that disconnects are just 'a fact of life'. I've not had much trouble with other online games, so it does seem to be a problem on Rockstar's end. My limited understanding of these things has left me with the suspicion that RDO's servers or netcode or both are somehow particularly sensitive to either end-user bandwidth dips or high server load compared to other games. I have noticed that the disconnects seem to happen the most during peak hours. I don't think there's much we can do about it on our end, other than perhaps try to make sure that nothing else is drawing bandwidth when we're on Red Dead.
  12. Thank you! That was very helpful!
  13. I have some newbie questions! If y'all could humour my stupidity for a moment, I'd be much obliged! Player icons As I travel around the world I see player icons on the map. Some of them are blue circles, some of them are red circles (I know what those are!), some of them are blue crosses, and some of them are translucent versions of both. What's the difference between a cross and a circle, and why are some of them translucent? Gold I don't want to buy any gold until I know I'm going to stick with the game for a while. So far as I can tell though, now that I've finished the story missions the only ways of getting gold are by completing challenges and stranger missions. Which is... well, it's slow going! Is there a faster way of obtaining it that I'm unaware of? I did eventually manage to get enough gold bars to become a trader (precisely one day before the five bars off offer, of course), but that was with the help of missions. Disconnects Now that I'm a trader, I'm noticing the disconnects a lot more. The animal spawn problem hasn't been such a big deal for me as I've been able to find a spot where I can reliably gather pelts and such, but I'm frequently being disconnected and all the pelts I've gathered are gone! I'm really struggling to keep Cripp fuelled because of the disconnects, and it's impacting my enjoyment of the game (and I've come here from Fallout 76!). I have good Internet and don't suffer this problem with any other game. Is there some kind of setting I need to change to stop this from happening? Random player kills I don't mind the occasional Mexican standoff, but some days I'm being shot in the head from afar repeatedly whenever I try to enter a town like Valentine. In Fallout 76 there's a 'pacifist' mode for people to kind of opt out of PVP. Is there anything similar here? Horse health My horse, Onion, seems to be bugged or something. Her health core drops to half every time I mount her, no matter how recently I fed her. Am I doing something wrong here? Privacy Sometimes I seem to end up on a private server. Far from being a problem, it causes animals to spawn in droves and I can enter towns without being shot in the face! How am I doing this? How can I do it reliably? Thanks in advance!
  14. A P90! We're probably not getting one of those, though. I think the weapons we have are pretty good already. Rather than a new weapon, I'd prefer it if they added a bit of customisation to the bow actually.
  15. My username was born quickly after realising that using your real name in online games is a recipe for disaster. Fruit of the Loom is a clothing brand, and Rayman - in which you collect 'lums' - is one of my favourite games, so I just merged them together. It's punny, you understand. Handily, in the North of Britain 'lum' is slang for 'chimney' too, so my name also means "fruit of the chimney".
  16. Hello! New Xbox player from Britain here. I've been playing Online for just over a week now, having spent most of my time in Fallout 76 before. Somebody recommended it to me, as - according to her - "it's basically just a big world you can live in", which is something I enjoy online or off. So far, so good, random murders aside! The random murders have put a dampener on things a bit, but I've also had some fun times already. Yesterday I was in the Valentine saloon and three of us, without even communicating, got heavily smashed and had ourselves a random party. I also got invited to a moonshine party, which was... odd. Anyway, I'm trying to play as a peaceful trading kind of character, rather than a gunslinging brute or outlaw or whatnot. I've only shot one As is usually the case when I play a game for long enough, though, I get the urge to chat about it and go find a forum for just that purpose. So, hello! I'm hoping someone can help me with some rudimentary questions while I'm introducing myself, rather than litter the forum with them. I've been playing for over week now and only have 13 gold bars. I need 15 to become a trader! I might be willing to spend money on the stuff if the game holds my interest, but until then... is there some faster way of earning gold than challenges and stranger missions?! Its by far my biggest problem with the game so far! Hunting. So far as just raw dollar value goes, I've had some great success up in the Grizzlies. But when a daily challenge asks me to hunt a specific type of animal... is there some in-game way of figuring out where to find them, short of literally just riding around looking for them? I don't like to cheat and look online, but... How is Dead Eye supposed to work in online? I think I'm doing it wrong. In singleplayer it obviously slows down time and lets you tag enemies, but neither of those seems to work here (the former for obvious reasons), which just makes it... well, worse than regular aiming, at least as far as I can tell. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a way of opting out of being randomly shot in the head by another player whenever you enter a town...? Thanks if you can answer any of these! Anyway, hello all! Maybe I'll see you out on the trails!
  17. I'm still saving up gold to become a Trader (which, I understand, is just about collecting enough animals to generate a supply run or something...), but I'd love to run a shop. I've been playing Fallout 76 for the past year and one of my favourite things to do there is run a junk store - I was hoping that RDO would have something similar! I think the world here is sufficiently immersive and expansive to justify having some 'civilian' roles like running shops and what-not. Ranchers would be cool too. It'd be cool if there were some options for interactions between players besides random murders.
  18. I'm new to the game this week, but if you're just hunting for moneys rather than any specific animals, I've been having success up in the Grizzlies. Just this afternoon I returned to Valentine with over a hundred dollars' worth of pelts, meats, horns, and sundries! The best part is that nobody else seems to go up there, and there are no trains or passing NPCs to scare your prey off either!
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