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  1. Dude great idea! Indian lore would be super cool. Maybe skinwlakers or the wendigo or something. THAT would be fresh and exciting
  2. Yeah godless was a really good mini series. Superb performance by jeff Daniels.
  3. Yeah no doubt man. Just voicing some of my frustration. It just kind of sucks that I can't get the "full experience" that I paid for because of some really stupid and simple things not working. I will just go take my frustrations out on some odriscolls and keep it moving
  4. At first I thought I was just crazy because I couldn't find Sadie or jack to give them their item requests (harmonica/book). Now it turns out rockstar has acknowledged this as a bug. Yes, I understand that they will automatically re-appear in chapter 4, however there are interactions that happen within camp that add to story and character development that all of usthe glitch has happened to have missed out on. this game had been so riddled with bugs since release it really has left a bad taste in my mouth. Between this bug, treasure maps/hunts not working at all in my game, and special weapons found during business roberrys (colt, lichtfield repeater) not being kept in my weapon inventory after finding, this game has me feeling extremely disappointed. I am already to far into the story to start over so that is not an option. Good game, but for what they gave us and how long it was delayed to "get things" right, I can honestly say rockstar s#%* the bed with this one. One play through, just one would have exposed a lot of these issues. Do they even test these games anymore before realease?
  5. How I did it: I waited until I upgrade my dead eye to manually paint. Got on the train. Whistled for my horse to follow. Waited for a group of birds. Dead eye killed five. Jumped on my horse and booked it out of there before they even knew I was there. There's also a master hunter challenge that asks you to kill 5 animals with your varmant rifle and I did this in conjunction with this challenge. Killed two birds with one stone no pun intended
  6. No o was referring to the main map. No X's and absolutely no option to search for any of the treasures that should be at the locations when I am there unfortunately
  7. Honestly about a week in and this game is already getting pretty stale. The problems I am having is that all of the missions feel the same. None of them really feel all that important or epic. There is also absolutely no difference between trying to hunt legendary animals as opposed to regular ones. They are all fairly easy. Overall story mode feels rushed and simplified so that rockstar can fully get started and focused on the cash grab that will be red dead online. This story in no way so far feels as epic as red dead 1. Granted I am taking my time with the game to get my money worth and am only half way through chapter 3
  8. Anyone get the random ecounter at the Rhodes gunsmith yet?
  9. I Watched it go from 9:00 o'clock at night to 8:00 o'clock in the morning over the course of 7 black jack hands. Definitely changing way to quickly
  10. Honestly when i go looking for 3 star rabbits I can never find them. But I took someone else advice in this thread and just went about my normal business riding around doing missions, and every time I see rabbits just draw down on them with my varmant rifle and take pot shots if they are 3 stars. I competed the challenge in five minutes doing it this waY. They weren't even head shots either.
  11. Thanks man. Yeah it's a tad frustrating. But there's still a lot to do in this game, and I am making good progress on my other challenges. I guess I'll just leave my treasure hunter aspirations behind me lol.
  12. I checked my weapon inventory. No colt. So now I guess I don't get to have the colt after completing the dr office robbery. Along with none of the treasure maps working this game has really left a bad taste in my mouth. I honestly don't even know if it's worth going on at this point.
  13. In fact when I pull out any of the treasure maps none of them put an X on the map. So I guess treasure maps are just broken in my game and I will never be able to do the explorer challenges. I am way too far into the game to start over. That's awesome! Thanks rockstar.
  14. Yeah I didn't look at the map right away when it instructed me. Maybe that's what did it
  15. Nope no X. I actually found the tree by complete chance running from some NPC's. Then looked up a guide online to confirm it was in fact the tree. I am reading all kinds of other posts online about people having problems with certain aspects of the game. Maybe I did something somewhere along the line that disabled this mission in story mode. It's just disappointing because this game doesn't do a very good job of explaining itself, and by the time you figure things out your already to far in
  16. Yeah I have looked at the map several times and it never puts an X on my screen. I am wondering, maybe I have to complete the jack hall gang treasure first?
  17. Yes I still have the map. There is just no prompt to search the tree. I have tried coming at it from every angle, crouching, dying, restarting, completing a few missions, trying during day/nite. It's just completely inaccessible from my game
  18. Dude you should have totally kept doing this, then just blew yourself up with dynamite and kept all the loot from the resale s. Probably could have made a killing
  19. I've officially tried everything. Cannot search tree no matter what I do the prompt does not appear. It's a shame because I wanted to try for 100% completion. Darn shame.
  20. Awe ha, okay. I just tried cycling my pistols normally but have not tried had my horse. I will try this tonight thanks for the help!
  21. I did this and found the colt. But when I go to my weapons inventory it's nowhere to be seen like I didn't even find it. Did anyone else have this problem, or know where I can go to equip the colt?
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