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  1. OP doesn't like the game. The argument that it "sucks" is so powerful I'm going to go home and snap the disc and throw it in the river. For my money, this is the most satisfying gaming experience I've ever had. I am 36 years old and was like a kid watching his first movie for about 100 hours. I never really understand this kind of "criticism", but then i don't understand the point of a lot of internet interaction to be honest.
  2. Wow. I think you are overreacting somewhat, no? I have no idea why you would be this horrible to the guy, he just asked a question, perhaps not in the most elegant way but....wow.
  3. Well he needs to find an income that doesn't revolve around him being a childish loser. Like it or not, youtube is OWNED by people who have their own ideas about morality, ethics etc. So if you want to post videos on their platform you have to take into account their rules, and their own accountability to populism. I don't know who Tucker Carlson is. I don't much care either. Antifa are a bunch of arseholes same as the MAGA arseholes. If you elect a moron then your country will suffer. What you should ask yourself is this: Why does somebody feel the need to broadcast their sick fantasies like this? If it is just to annoy people, there is something wrong with them. If they believe that feminists should be killed-there is something really wrong with them. If they are just doing it for a laugh why are there SO MANY similar videos form the same person? The channels being taken down by youtube are hateful bile spewing nonsense for the most part, so i don't blame a company for not wanting to provide a platform for them. You can say and do whatever you like but don't expect a huge company to broadcast your own peculiar brand of pathetic hatred. De-platforming, in my opinion, is not the answer to bringing people together, it is usually education. But how do you educate people who will never, ever question if they are right? From an outsider point of view I think America has regressed so much in the last couple of years, the name calling and general unpleasantness seems to be more and more each day. Also-the whole world is laughing at you for electing that nasty, lewd, racist, serial bankrupt clown. (Cue being dismissed as a leftist)
  4. This mission has to be done at night, and has to be done during a storm. When you do the mission you will see why.
  5. It's not "The Left" it's a small amount of idiots who claim to be left wing. It *is* pretty tasteless to go out of your way to upload a video of carrying out your anti-feminist fantasies, but it absolutely 100% makes no difference to me. To blame Rockstar for it is absurd too. The dude making the videos is baiting the super-liberal and they have fallen for it. Non-story.
  6. OP-it snot people trying to look like a genius, its people providing solutions to your entry level problems very much with tongue in cheek. Also; see the proverb about what happens when you ask stupid questions..... Why are you so angry? If you are so good at this game why come on a forum and talk about how difficult it is? Your repeated use of the word "retard" is very much indicative of your own intellectual level, and illicits sympathy rather than annoyance from me. I hope you get the help you require, both in gaming and in your clearly difficult, anger making life.
  7. I hope you do trade it in, as you are clearly not enjoying it. I'm not sure what you are telling us for though, we're not going to beg you. I don't see why you're so obsessed with gold medals, seems very childish to me.
  8. Agree with this 100%. This is not GTA or COD. Its Red Dead Redemption 2, and these are the mechanics of the game. They won't change so you'll have to. If you can push forward a bit further money won't be so much of an issue anyway.
  9. OP is just not very good at the game it seems. And impatient. I've never had any of these issues. When bounty hunters come after me i can see them on the map. And money is not exact;y hard to come by-there are gold bars all over the map.
  10. There are a few other places to play dominoes, i think a couple of the small train stations have domino games on the go-I've definitely played a couple of round of the normal dominoes somewhere away from the camp.
  11. Arthur's sketches are a great way of encouraging you to explore. I love the little comments he writes next to them too.
  12. This is a daft question. Folding=losing. You have made your initial bet, then decided to fold. You have lost. You have not won. Therefore if you fold after winning the previous hand, but then win the next one, you have not won two in a row. You have won two out of three.
  13. Not saying that this isn't true, but how do you KNOW this? It did seem a little odd to me when it happened, (even though i hadn't been killed in a similar way before-only on missions) and even odder when I saw the OP, but is this something that happens to EVERYONE or are you just basing what you've said on yourself, the OP and me? If this is the case there are probably a few more similar "scripted" events and it would be nice to get a heads up about 'em.
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