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  1. BAHAHAHAHA!!! "we are doing something important here" Yes, many years from now, kids will be reading about your quest for gaming justice in text books. They will acknowledge, and celebrate your efforts for righting the wrongs that Rockstar bestowed upon you brave souls to prevent a game from continuing to look blurry. Top notch work guy, keep it up, you and the 6 other people who are continuing to beat a dead horse on this forum will go down in gaming history. GOD SPEED!! #mygameisblurrytoo #blurgate #fakehdr #iboughtaps4proforthis #imadick #rockstarF'dup #fixmygame #myeyeshurt #hashtagforthesakeofhashtagging #ohthehumanity
  2. I was not aware there was two saddle bags to rummage through... I was always one and done. Although, the first time being kicked and knock down into the mud, was quite humorous.
  3. I've seen a video of this, absolutely hilarious!! Now if you could of go all Mongo on other people's horses, and knock the horse out....
  4. I was thinking the night cycle goes by pretty quick.
  5. Who do you think you are talking too at rock*? Do you think you are talking to a developer? You are talking to customer service rep, who is not even in same building. nor probably the same state the game was made. They are not going to know a damn thing other than basic trouble shooting from a script they were handed. The game has been out for less than a week, thing don't magically get fixed with just a few strokes on a keyboard. Good grief, some gamers are the most impatient, entitled crybabies. I have ever come across.
  6. I can only imagine how some of those videos would start. "Howdy Miss, I hear there been some rustlin in them bushes, mind if I take a gander". Lol
  7. Been there too, bought a gamecube back in the day just to play resident evil remake. Another time Spent $120 on a used ps3 from guy on craigslist just to play the "last of us" got home to find out it didn't even work.. but RDR2 is at least playable, isn't it?.... I'm sure whatever issue is going on Rock* will fix it.
  8. That's basically comparing apples to oranges there.. One being a $60 game the other a $30,000 car, big difference.... am I going to be playing this game everyday for the next 5 to 10 years, like I would be driving a car? No way. Believe me, I totally get where you are coming from, but basically its subjective, I bought the game to be entertained and it is done just that, its entertaining me. The game not being true HDR or 4k, doesn't hinder my entertainment of a game, I played Nintendo on a 19" black and white TV for years.. as long as the game plays well and doesn't have game breaking bugs in it, I'm okay with that. I probably shouldn't have commented at all, since i don't have any problems with it. It's just some on here (not saying you're one) are turning this ant hill into a mountain. It is only a $60 dollar game, that most will play for a few months and then move on to the next big game that comes out. This just doesn't seem that critical to me.
  9. First world problems.... The only problem I have with any of this, is that people are saying it gives them headaches which causes them not to play it (that's not cool) . I personally have no issues with the game, I play on a ps4 pro on a cheap 4k vizio TV (doesn't have HDR) and I have had no issues with the visual aspect, no head aches, or anything. But people just complaining that its not true HDR or 4K is a bit nitpicking in my opinion.
  10. use Eagle eye, like you tracking/hunting. I didn't stumble across the torso first, I happen to see a big pool of blood and a severed leg while riding down a trail, and started to track where it came from and that led me to the rest of the poor sap.
  11. I wonder if the town has anything to do with it, being a huge rich city I can see crime being more expensive. I too thought it was a pricey bounty for simple accident.
  12. yep, its a side mission, there should of been a map you find by the remains. I found one just like it attached to a rock with the words "do you see" next to it. pretty creepy...
  13. Huh... I wonder why I have such a high bounty in Saint Dennis, I had literally just arrived there from a stranger mission needing a ride there. I was almost to their destination when I happen to clip a person with the horse, next thing I know I see a $50 bounty on my head
  14. It does seem like there is always some one around. I wasn't expecting the game to be this crowded either, I was shocked by how many people I run into on a trail, when there is no town around for miles.
  15. I was curious on this as well. I was leaving camp when some bounty hunters stated approaching me, I was being out gunned, so I took off next thing I know a message popped up saying something about can't let bounty hunters close to camp. (sh*t.. they were practically at my camp when I ran into them). but yeah same thing, the camera turn into sky and after few seconds I was back in camp.
  16. Damn... sounds like this game likes to set us up to fail...
  17. Happen to me too, it was hilarious. Too bad that little moment lead to two other people dying because they saw me loot the guy who got kicked by the horse.
  18. There have been so many memorable moments. But of my favorites was coming across a severed leg and a big pool of blood on my way to a mission, and what I found after investigating and tracking it, was quite disturbing.
  19. I did not know that.. (must be a glitch) I guess I have been lucky to not have had this issue with my Horse (pre-order war horse), I have died a ton of times while riding it, or being away from it, and my horse is always right there when I respawn or return.
  20. This looks intentional... the year is 1899, binoculars lens were not as clear and sharp as they are today.
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