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  1. The AI is painfully loose, as some one else stated it's not uncommon for the computer to call you down with air regardless of board texture, especially if they have high cards. The AI will also never fold any pair even if it's bottom pair. Their preflop opening ranges are incredibly wide, however 3betting ranges seem to be weighted toward mainly high pocket pairs and A6+. There also seems to be a secondary AI which is less common which is more loose aggressive, this AI tends to raise you alot and bluff with a high frequency, I've seen this AI mix in some suited connectors into their 3bet range like 68s and 79s. Because of these considerations the optimal strategy for beating red dead 2's poker is to play a tight range preflop, and bet really large with the top end of our range. Post flop just play a strategy of betting large when you make strong pairs, draws or better and check the rest of the time. Bluffing is not recommended unless the pot is heads up and two streets have been checked through, or the board was draw heavy and the river bricks (draw is not made). Or to simplify; play strong opening hands, wait till you hit, then bet large. The AI also has a hard time discerning between bet sizes, 3xbb or 7xbb raises seem to not affect whether or not they will call. So say you get dealt AA, raise 7 or 8x the big blind as opposed to the standard 3xbb.
  2. The following spoiler should only be read if you don't want part of the ending spoiled, but please I have a question about this horse post game.
  3. Literally just shot at a random bird and it was a woodpecker! Jesus that took hours. If anyone is struggling with this one go to the river southwest of Valentine, tonnes of small bird species perch on the rocks, including Sparrows, Bluejays, Robins, Woodpeckers and a few others.
  4. Yeah I did the same, basically had to do that one twice. If you're in the post game one of the legendary animals found in the West gives you a perk that prevents animals on horseback from spoiling, wish I'd gotten it sooner.
  5. I completed all of the challenges yesterday, now I'm doing the hunting requests. Hunting for woodpeckers is such a pain lol.
  6. I like blowing the limbs off people then dumping them in stores, I did it to the feral man too and dumped his naked stump for all to see. Throwing dynamite into flocks of ducks is always entertaining too.
  7. Red dead is an open world survival game and one of the primary game mechanics is the ability to hunt, fight, or kill any entity. The fact that he chose to execute a feminist multiple times is not evidence of any underlying hatred or bigotry toward that group in the same vein that if I upload a video of me massacring every man I find; that is not indicative of any underlying misandry. If you declare any group to be a protected class, say feminists then you set in motion a slide down the slippery slope of complete and utter censorship. If Youtube removes any channels that kill feminists, what happens when someone uploads a video of themselves murdering every Black person they find and the media have an equal reaction? Surely the same arguments apply, surely rules should be applied universally? Then women? Then who's left? Complete and utter freedom is always preferential to restricted freedom, you're advocating for the former. A while ago Pewdiepie dropped the N-Word while live streaming and as a result of that; a hit-piece from the Wall Street Journal bemoaned Youtube's promotion of racist content. This resulted in a lot of advertisers pulling funding from Youtube, putting even more financial pressure on a site that is one of Google's biggest financial sinks. Considering you're not even aware of who Tucker Carlson is I doubt you would have heard of the recent controversy surrounding an alt-right podcast that ran a charity stream for Children with cancer. During the stream close to $30k was raised and some of the guests made edgy jokes about the holocaust, again the Wall Street Journal wrote a hit piece, attempted to get advertisers pulled and also pressured the charity to refund the donations due to "hatred and bigotry", which they did. Youtube likely concerned about avoiding another PR nightmare immediately terminated the channel and banned him on all their platforms. The controversy surrounding Red dead 2 also surfaced at the same time as this, as did the ban. Removal of his channel was not due to TOS violations, it was to avoid advertisers pulling even more funding. It was a purely financial decision not a principled one. If you search on Youtube right now not only can you find ISIS propaganda, promotion of terrorism, pornography; but pretty much all content which is in violation of the TOS. The TOS is little more than a tool to remove of any liability from youtube in case of legal action.
  8. Haha same, I'm currently at 94.6%. So close man.
  9. Yeah I actually play professionally so I was curious to see how competent the AI was and I have to say It's a real let down, I've seen the AI call down multi-way with A high on the wettest of board textures. Including a challenge that more or less requires successful bluffing to achieve (short of hitting strong hands three times in a row) and then build an AI that never folds just shows how little thought they put in to it.
  10. You're very welcome, glad I could help. It doesn't take as long as you'd imagine, I'd advise scanning the area you're in to pick up other herbs nearby to save time. It's not uncommon for a location to have 4 different species, sometimes 5.
  11. Definitely, especially the "hit three times in blackjack and win x3", do they realise the odds of that happening once are painfully low? never mind three times. If you're struggling with the dominoes one (win 3 games in a row) try and play the variation where the first to use all of their tiles wins, not only is much easier than the one at Saint Denis but it's usually heads up (vs 1 player). I was able to do it on my first attempt but RNG might not always be so kind. It's at one of the stations ( I think Emerald) but not 100% on that. The Best strategy is to try and keep as many options open to yourself and then as a secondary consideration try and remove your highest dotted dominoes when you can. For Example say you have one 1, two 2's, one 3, three 4's and four 5's, and you have the option to play either a 1 or a 5; play the 5 as using the 1 will lock you out of playing when 1's land on either side. As for the last one "win three hands of poker in a row" this one is also annoying, in reality this would be fairly simple but the AI is so painfully loose that successfully bluffing is nigh on impossible. The best strategy for this is not the actual best strategy for beating RD's poker, simply limp every hand (except maybe the top 8-10% of your range) then bet flop turn and river bluffing 100% of the time. Eventually you'll win three in a row. The reason we limp all of our range is to keep the pot small so we can bluff cheaper, you could also check some flops when you miss (especially multi-way) so we can bluff turn and river cheaper. If you get a really nutted hand and have the opportunity to knock some one out of the game do it! Even if it means overbetting all in on the river, the fewer number of players at the table the easier it will be to complete the challenge.
  12. Rockstar created an amazing game but it's pretty evident the programmers were not poker players. The AI is painfully easy to beat; play tight ranges preflop then bet large (often overbet) when you hit, but to find out they haven't even programmed the rules of the game correctly is shocking.
  13. If you're anything like me you've likely been putting off completing Herbalist challenge #9 as spending hours searching the map for every single plant seems like a daunting challenge. I finally decided to bite the bullet and get it done and so I thought I'd share some resources that helped me to complete it, in hopes that it helps at least one other person. The majority of the credit goes to others who created the following video: As well as this site: http://www.powerpyx.com/red-dead-redemption-2-plants-locations/ I did however sort the plants by area so you can use it in conjuction with the above links to hopefully save wasting time travelling . Hope this helps: Lemoyne - Acuna’s Star Orchid Chanterelles Cigar Orchid Clamshell Orchid Common Bulrush Creeping Thyme Evergreen Huckleberry Ghost Orchid Lady of the Night Orchid Milkweed Night Scented Orchid Oleander Sage Queen’s Orchid Rat Tail Orchid Red Raspberry Spider Orchid Vanilla Flower Hannover West- Golden Currant Hummingbird Sage Moccasin Flower Orchid Sparrow’s Egg Orchid Yarrow Hannover East- American Ginseng Bay Bolete Blackberry Burdock Root Indian Tobacco Oregano Parasol Mushroom Wild Carrot Wild Mint Hannover North- Ram’s Head Wintergreen Berry Ambarino - Dragon’s Mouth Orchid Alaskan Ginseng West Elizabeth - Lady Slipper Orchid Prairie Poppy Violet Snowdrops Austin- Blackcurrant Desert Sage English Mace Red Sage Wild Feverfew Some plants do appear in multiple areas however so I advise creating a checklist to tick them off as you go. Hope this helps.
  14. Set camp in the Grizzlies West just south of Mount Hagen (or near by), save and head toward Lake Izabella approaching from the west path. One should spawn on the west side of the lake fairly high up (Just past the raised land). If it doesn't spawn or it's not three star just load your save and try again. I also found one near the Aurora Basin however I have no idea about how to force that one to spawn. As a side note fully upgrading the camp is literally pointless, not only do you not get an achievement for doing it but post chapter six the camp no longer exists.
  15. I had the same issue, for me the hunt didn't become active until my camp moved out of the swamp (chapter six to be specific). All of the info online says it unlocks after the mission where you first see it but I think it's likely wrong.
  16. The bait's for the most part are useless but they do work; you just have to put some good distance between yourself and the bait. Try baiting somewhere near cliffs or hills where you can get a good vantage point from. Cover lotion also helps. One of the Legendary hunts actually gives you a perk (crafted at fence) that permanently increases the quality of pelts, I forget which one but just check the info at the fence. I'm not entirely sure how randomised the animal spawns are but there are certain spawn points you can manipulate over and over, and the direction of approach does seem to heavily influence how easy it is to do. For example one of the best spawn points for Beavers is just south of Butcher Creek (near the leg beaver marker). If you approach from the east side of the river you'll likely scare the beavers off, forcing them into the river. However if you approach from the west on foot you can see three beavers just sitting there on the bank of the river, you can scan them and pick off the one you want without them ever moving. You can literally repeat this process over and over until you get a three star. Try and multi-task, need to travel from A to B for a mission? Well take the scenic route through some trees and scan for everything you can see.
  17. Had the same thing happen to me, my issue was caused by having active enemies near by (I'd knocked someone off their horse and ran away). As soon as I killed him the issue resolved. You could also try sleeping and returning to the location if you have no active enemies.
  18. The issue seems to be your competency and decision making rather than poor game design.
  19. End of the second row down on page 11 is the Timber Wolf.
  20. The first one is the Angus Bull, second is the Red Swamp Crayfish, third is the Panther, fourth is the Florida Panther, I'm not sure for the rest. EDIT: Didn't realise there are multiple missing slots per page, first implies the first one highlighted in red, second the second highlighted in red etc
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