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  1. Pretty standard practice in games designed to have micro-transactions, make the game frustrating slow to progress so people make more purchases.
  2. You need to buy a percolator from the store, once you have it you get an option by any fire to "pour". As for the ingredients if it's an item request just press LT/L2 then "give request", otherwise just sell it to him at camp.
  3. No real comment regarding your criticisms, most of them are justified others less so due to it being the beta however do I have a question regarding "Today the map has been basically clear, a couple of pink dots this morning and since then, nothing – GOOD … But why? Have I found some magic setting by accident? What gives?". Basically clear or entirely empty? My session all day today I've had the map entirely to myself, it's been heaven. I've been wondering myself weather it's a bug or not.
  4. Likely you are too far away, try zooming in if you haven't and if that fails get closer. Some Bird species do fly away when viewed through the binoculars though.
  5. Go to Riggs station at night, pretty common find if you leave a few carcasses around. Riggs station is surprisingly one of the better hunting locations in the game, you can get badgers, skunks, opossums, foxes, wolves, deer, hawks and of course the owl. Travelling just down the path toward the river then back up usually forces fresh spawns too.
  6. Glad to see I'm not the only one haha I'm especially sexually aggressive toward Uncle.
  7. Chapter 6 for me too, it's likely that's when it's meant to be available as it was the same in both of my play-throughs.
  8. I had the same bug, don't worry it won't effect anything.
  9. Yeah it's possible it's species related, I know for certain the Robbins spook when viewed through binoculars. For me I have more luck with my scope or bow than with binoculars with most species.
  10. Are you pre or post game? The last request won't be issued until the epilogue due to an achievement related to the squirrel statue.
  11. No way I didn't know you can see him again! I'll have to keep an eye out for him.
  12. There is a section of the forest (forget where) that is haunted and you can hear voices regardless of the time of the day, also there are several ghosts in Lemoyne including one that actually appears and has a cool story if you keep going back to it.
  13. In between the N and the E of New hannover is some loose rock formations near where the first camp is, if you approach on foot you'll find Bluejays, Orioles and songbirds perched on the rocks every time. From there follow the path down to the Dakota river and this time scout the rocks near the river bed on foot. You can find Sparrows, Robins, eagles, woodpeckers, and the previous birds listed above. Bridges, even small ones; are very good locations to look also. Using your binoculars tends to cause them to take flight so use a weapon to scout them instead.
  14. 100% agree, considering all the effort required to get it you'd think they would have made that outfit more appealing.
  15. Guessing here but Bison most probably drop big game meat and they usually spawn in massive herds. They can be found in the great plains just below the H in New Hannover.
  16. Wolves primarily come out at night and luckily there are a few spawn points that you can more or less manipulate over and over again, Just north of west Elizabeth on the map is little creek river and above that is Hanging dog ranch. You should see a path that splits into three branches, take the far tight branch (at night) and you should get jumped by several wolves, this is repeatable after resting a few days. Also Cotoora Springs is a good spot, wolves spawn fairly commonly there.
  17. Some of them have to be inspected from quite a distance away, is it the one by the lake that's causing you issues? If so try standing further back.
  18. When I dress as a pirate I often get remarks about how ridiculous I look, I assume it's because of the hat.
  19. Camp around the N or the E in New Hannover and save your game, head west toward the Dakota river on foot and creep around the rocks that surround the river banks. Woodpeckers, Robins, Cardinals, Sparrows, Bluejays, Songbirds, Oriolles and even the odd eagle or too will spawn randomly on the tops of them. I personally like following the river north as it seems to have more spawn points. Protip: Using your binoculars usually causes them to fly away (stupid mechanic imo) so just use a rifle scope or aim your bow to find out what bird it is.
  20. Pretty sure there is a body that contains a letter confirming he was Gavin, apologies but I can't remember where I found it either. The random encounter seems to be more of a joke as he can still be found searching for him during and after the epilogue.
  21. Virtually impossible seems like a challenge and one I gladly accept 😅. Yeah you're correct it's not required for the the "100%" criteria but I've already got that achievement, I'm trying to get all the ones I missed. I've already f'd up this second play through by missing one of the companion missions (timed poker event) so after I've done with this file looks like I'll need a third one haha.
  22. Just 100% the game and the idea of going back out into the real world, bathing or generally existing outside of Red Dead is a terrifying notion. Turns out there are some miss-ables that unsurprisingly I missed on my first play through so I'm burning the soap and aiming for a secondary perfect play through. Does anyone have a full list of items or missions that are miss-able? Thanks in advance.
  23. I went through the entire game missing most of the small birds, turns out there is an easy way to hunt most of them. Near most wooded areas you'll often hear bird song, there's also usually large boulders/rocks in the surrounding area too. Dismount your horse and creep so you don't disturb them and use a scope or binoculars to scan the tops of the boulders, most small bird species tend to perch on them. Rails of bridges or fences are pretty good places to look too. I'd recommend using the small game arrows to try and get perfect carcasses as the hunter requests require a lot of small bird species.
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