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  1. I completed every challenge I could until I was forced to progress to unlock certain perks, weapons or services. I spent the majority of the game on chapter 2 & 3, however I'm currently on chapter 6 with very little left to do. It's mainly collectables and the legendary fish and then I'm done.
  2. Damn I'd been checking in trees, that's where I was going wrong. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. Thanks for the help but I've already read that quote, I was looking more for a list of the types of fish I need to catch and/or their locations.
  4. Currently doing survivalist rank 10 where you have to catch all 15 different types of fish, was wandering if anyone has a list of the fish or locations for them to save me some time. I couldn't seem to find any info online about it.
  5. Keemstar was actually able to reinstate the guy's channel through his connections at youtube, so looks like the damage has been undone. **** being careful, **** censorship, find 10,000,000 more ways to kill them and upload them everywhere.
  6. I did the same with the Legendary Bear pelt and it still registered in the trappers inventory for me. Hopefully you should be fine, there is a major bug however when you check the clues but don't kill it; it seems to perma despawn.
  7. Go fishing in a narrow body of water (like a river) and just keep throwing back the fish, it gives you honour. Alternatively if you have enough money donating $20 over and over again at camp quickly raises it. I'd personally wait until you have the bandit challenges completed anyway else you'll be wasting your time.
  8. For anyone else interested there's a cabin under the U in Cumberland which spawns enemies, inside is 4 people. Just Akhbar yourself and you're done.
  9. Wait do they not have to be hostile? if not I'll just launch one into a bar Edit: Tested they have to be hostile, throwing it into a crowd doesn't work
  10. Hi there, I'm somewhat stuck on one of the weapons expert challenges, the one where you have to kill 4 enemies at once with 1 stick of dynamite. The AOE of the dynamite is so small that getting 4 enemies close enough together is causing me issues. Is there any trick or guaranteed location to pull this off?
  11. In general you only really need to return the perfect pelts, returning the carcass too just nets you additional money (and likely improves food in the camp, not 100% about that though). Occasionally there are some challenges where you're required to "bring 5 carcasses to camp" or something similar, in which case returning them is beneficial. Pro tip: some of the smaller animals can actually be stored inside Arthur's satchel meaning you can potentially bring back multiple carcasses per trip to hit those goals. In general I try to aim for a specific upgrade and focus on just the ingredients (pelts, feathers, horns etc) for that goal. Once camp is fully upgraded I sell everything to the trapper. He requires a tonne of perfect pelts for all the custom costumes and offers higher returns than the camp. Hope that helps.
  12. I hope you didn't interpret my previous comment as criticism, I whole-heatedly agree that the major strength to the game mechanics are the free form exploration and attention to detail. In fact I stayed awake playing for over thirty hours straight due to how immersive and interesting the world is when I first got the game. There are some minor tweaks however that could help streamline certain tasks without ruining the immersion (easier fast travel, map filters etc). I often do the same as you, I'm on the start of chapter three yet I've gotten all of the camp and satchel upgrades, as well as most of the legendary beasts and challenges completed. I'm constantly getting distracted (especially by the hunting mechanics) and so far the game is exceeding my expectations.
  13. I agree completely, simply having the ability to filter or highlight plants on the mini-map would resolve half my issues. The developers likely want the users to explore more due to the amount of detail found in the map but at times it can be incredibly frustrating. Thank you hopefully that should be enough to get me started.
  14. Hi there, I'm having a few issues remembering where to find one of the plant species needed for making Special miracle tonics (Herbalist #7). The plant in question is the Currant. I know I've found them before but for some reason they are not listed in my compendium. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. This one drove me wild for days too, but it's actually pretty easy. Ravens and Crows are super common and actually count as a bird of prey; so all you need to do is kill something and then stand far enough way (but still in sight) and wait for them to start pecking at the carcass. The location Dylbandit suggested is ideal.
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