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Bully 2 Tease (taken with a bucket of salt)


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I was looking at Rockstar article when I saw new font for the Rockstar logo, could it perhaps be a tease at bully two? Who knows, I don’t usually visit rockstars website and I am sure other people have seen this and not thought much of it, and I know I am probably wrong here. Just thought it strange since they are so heavily promoting rdr2. 


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On 10/5/2018 at 9:47 PM, CowBoii said:

Bucket? Point me to the nearest salt truck. It is too soon for this. 

Then again, it does look like crumpled paper... Which could go in hand with school... I am getting too ahead of myself. 🙄

I was thinking the same thing when I seen it, does look a lot like crumbled paper but it would need the lines in it to work for school, no?

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Wouldn't mind a sequel to Bully. I enjoyed the first game a lot, if it happens. Then awesome! If it doesn't. I won't be too bothered by it.

Edit: Apparently the casting calls for "Bully 2" have been released .

Full article here: https://rockstarintel.com/2018/10/10/casting-calls-for-bully-2-may-have-been-released/

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