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  1. This is the first and only game I have 100% finished, and it was an absolute pain in the rear. I finished it a few months ago, now am coming back for a second playthrough. We need a single player DLC! The only way I’d be somewhat content with not getting single-player DLC is if they make another prequel. This time you play as Dutch and it either focuses on the formation of the gang, or the few months leading up to black water. Regardless, it was definitely worth it for that small cutscene that plays out.
  2. As far as I am aware there is no third mission mark on your map. You have to go back to his lab to start the next mission.
  3. I made the mistake of playing my entire first play through with the HDR function on, only now looking back at my screenshots did I realize just how bad it makes the game look. First of all, in true 4K, this game is otherworldly, I found myself staring at a picture of me by flat iron lake for a few minutes in SDR. You are not missing out on anything with HDR in this game. However, in select past titles and future ones, HDR makes a huge difference in image quality. Unless Rockstar fixes the HDR implementation in the future, this game will always look better in SDR.
  4. Thank you all for the advice on the mission, I definitely need it. Surprising how many of you have completed it, as I made the mistake of waiting until after the game was over to start doing the challenges (big mistake). The problem with the orchids on the trees is that they are not marked on your map once they have been picked, so you end up circling back to your last location. This mission is repetitive to the extreme, can't help but feel rockstar decided to take the shortcut on this one and give us a one finger salute, in jest, while they were at it.
  5. You are right, the problem is that it has been nonstop fog, so bad that I can't see anything for most of my time on the mission. Add to it that, my horse keeps bucking me off because he is scared, and you got yourself a lovely combination. How long did it take you to complete?
  6. For the past few days, I have been working on this side mission that is required for the 100% completion of the game. I don’t know what to do, I have been trying to hunt the birds for the first part and they will not spawn in. I’ve found a great video explains the locations of each item, but that’s when I realized it is a five-part mission! I am beside myself at this point, it is the most time-consuming quest I’ve played. This is the thread for those who want to vent about how terrible this quest is if you want. I haven’t even completed the first part yet.
  7. Here are a few that I have on my Xbox app, I have many more but they won’t transfer to the app for some reason. Also, apologize for the poor quality, Xbox won’t let me down load to photos so had to take screenshots from the app. Definitely the most beautiful game yet.
  8. This happened to me post patch, I was hunting the legendary elk near Ambarino when he suddenly dropped dead. Wasn’t there an issue where they would drop dead and not allow you to harvest their pelt? Or was it just the random death? If it is the latter, it still seems to be happening, although I have only had that one instance.
  9. What do you guys think of the limited clothing line from Rockstar? I think for the most part, it is a rip off. The only thing that I think might possibly be a worthy item is the Arthur Morgan jacket. Although that too is at least a hundred dollars too expensive. Does it look authentic to you? https://barkingirons.com/products/gunslinger-jacket
  10. I found a good video of someone who has me aged to decipher the Aztec symbols. Won’t say what it is to avoid spoilers but here is link to those that want to watch: https://youtu.be/c9IHXg2n3ak
  11. After saving a man from getting robbed in an alleyway next to the saloon in Blackwater, I got a print to inspect mysterious handwriting/drawings on a wall. Never seen this on the form or any YouTube video before so thought I’d show you guys.
  12. I think that is true, but I just can't get enough Dutch! Wouldn't it be interesting to see how he was affected by his father's death and what lead him to become an outlaw. I personally don't think they can continue any of the gang members stories into the future because by then the west is dead. So, if they do plan to continue expanding upon the history of current characters maybe they would have the origins of Dutch be the framework for rdr3. Or start with a fresh new story and characters.
  13. Do any of you think Rockstar will make a single player DLC for this game? I personally would love to see a younger Dutch or Josea before the gang was formed, as going into the future leads into rdr1. Or potentially following one of the gang members after the end to see how they manage? The only thing I know is that I need to get more story out of this game, and really hope Rockstar gives us one big expansion. What are your thoughts?
  14. The electric chair one was particularly brutal to watch. Pretty sad actually.
  15. I just checked my Xbox says I have played for 4 days 2 hours and 51 minutes, the scary thing is that I am only at 65% on the main story! By the way, this is the best game I have ever played, and more than that the story and writing is fantastic. All the little nuances and subtle complexities to the characters is astounding.
  16. I have been playing the game for 3 days or so and am still in Valentine. The housing development below valentine is where I encountered the O’Driscoll gang fighting some family, so I killed the gang and went to talk to one of the remaining. Unfortunately, I accidentally shot one of the family members instead of engaging them and now they will not talk to me. Keep in mind this is after 2 full days of playing. Is there some way to fix this or have I permanently ended this quest? Also, there is a man in the main saloon who is cursing out the others and looks like he is someone of interest, is he? Or is it just an unusually detailed NPC (he wears the raccoon hat I think). On a side note, I am loving this game. I have spent most of my time riding around with the mini-map off, which has made me memorize the local roads in and around valentine. It’s awesome, and I have hardly touched the story. Instead, I feed the camp and go into town every few in-game nights to bathe and eat, it’s all so amazing. I never imagined myself enjoying this so much, since I am the type of player that usually likes to keep things moving but at least for now I am going for 100% immersion and it’s paying off. Hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am, and I know that the pacing of the game is not for everyone.
  17. I have been checking the Metacritic scores intermittently ever since the reviews were released. Today, I was surprised to see that for both the Xbox and PS4, the game was getting a terrible score of 5.9 on Xbox and a 7.7 for the PS4 consoles. So, I clicked on each one to see what people were saying, and I was met with a never-ending stream of 10/10’s, with the occasional 9 or 8 which is to be expected. Then I start to come across groups of people giving it a 0/10, and their justification for that rating is because it’s not on PC or it’s just another cash grab by Rockstar. They have no right to do this, as some of them even admit in their posts that they do not own said console that they are writing a review for. There needs to be a verification system that both prove the reviewer owns the console, and the actual game. Reported masterpieces like RDR2 do not deserve to be tainted by petty morons on the internet, it is an insult to the people over at Rockstar and the genuine players who have invested numerous hours into this and given it their honest opinion. I say reported because I am painstakingly waiting until tonight to start playing it, and I cannot wait!
  18. I just saw that everyone is posting the first 20 mins of rdr2 gameplay today, along with reviews. I can’t believe who would want to watch this. After two years of waiting and the day before release, they choose to show the beginning to everyone? I just feel that they are ruining the experience for those who have waited to see it first for themselves. Also, I see that some YouTubers are posting a lot more than the beginning on youtube, it just seems kind of insulting to release all of this in-game footage the day before the game comes out. Definitely will be staying clear of all of this and seeing it all for myself tomorrow.
  19. Looks delicious, although I think my heart would stop after taking one bite of that.
  20. I was looking at Rockstar article when I saw new font for the Rockstar logo, could it perhaps be a tease at bully two? Who knows, I don’t usually visit rockstars website and I am sure other people have seen this and not thought much of it, and I know I am probably wrong here. Just thought it strange since they are so heavily promoting rdr2.
  21. Why don't you use this last 20 days as a chance to play it? Even in 2018 it still holds up pretty well, and the story is far better than any other game that I can think of. It is a prequel I suppose, and if you don’t know the story of RDR at all, then I would wait to play it until after rdr2. Obviously your choice, just surprised you haven’t played.
  22. I hope we can carry only small amounts of ammo, this would help lower the risk of player griefing. That’s one of the things I hated about GTA online, and the story mode for that matter. You have almost an infinite amount of ammo, there never is a need to go to the ammo store. It would also add a fun survival mechanic to the online experience while not making it too much of a chore for those players who aren’t interested in that sort of thing. My hope is that RDR online has more survival elements worked into it, which I think it will. The whiny kids can keep their gta online, and the expensive therapist bills that come with it.
  23. I just hope it is like a Fallout 76 experience, without the fallout 76 (bitterness intended). I want to be able to venture out into the unforgiving wilderness at my own discretion and get lost for a couple of in-game days. all the while knowing that there are others just like me doing the same, what life was likely like then. If I want though, I can work my way back into a local town to sell the fruits of my labor. Basically, I don’t want to be hunted down and killed by some jerk who takes pleasure in ruining others experiences. I also do appreciate the social aspects of online, I just don’t want that to be everything you can do. I am hoping for some sort of way to go dark on the mini map, which would make encounters with other players feel memorable and organic.
  24. Probably right, and yet it still looks great!
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