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Why is Arthur so lonely?


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I love this game. It's easily the most immersive game I've ever played. That said, it's sorely lacking in human companionship outside of missions. You can't bring followers with you in free roam. You can't have conversations outside of quick blips at camp, and you can't visit a brothel.

What bothers me, is that these were all things that GTA5 had figured out 5 years ago. At any point you could call up any of the protagonists and even side characters (like Amanda, Jimmy or Lamar) and drive around talking and doing activities. There was never a point in that game where the city felt empty. And yet... I find myself in this beautiful landscape, only ever able to briefly greet or bully people, and 99% of the time at camp I have no real interaction with the gang members. Only during special pre-scripted moments after select missions are they doing campfires and singing songs.

They recorded half a million lines of dialogue, a few more wouldn't have been unthinkable. Giving us the option to take John out to the local saloon, or take Dutch out robbing a storefront, or Charles out hunting -- even if there weren't lots of lines of dialogue. Just having a buddy next to us to make the world feel less lonely.

I won't even get started on the brothels again. Some members of your gang see prostitutes, some members of your gang ARE prostitutes, "whores" are mentioned every five minutes when talking about an infamous city or rival gangs, and every prostitute in the game asks you for your company and your only option is to reject or decline. It's actually kinda frustrating.


Actually at camp after one of the missions they were singing "I'm a poor lonesome cowboy" and I couldn't decide wether it was funny or if the loneliness was intentionally designed to drive the plot in some way.

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