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  1. I'm starting to understand it was a waste of time to talk to fanboys. I'm here trying to have a dialogue. Not change peoples mind. I LOVE the game. I've praised it. All I'm saying is that outside of the story the gameplay was unfinished. And instead of talking to me about it, you fanboys are just praising the genius of the game and telling me I don't have to like it. You're the reason that game companies cut corners. You don't care about the quality of the product you're paying for. When they cut corners you praise it. You'll praise anything with your fanboy logo on it. I've been doing this thread for months now.. But honestly, I think I'm out. Thanks guys for the good times. I'll be taking a break.
  2. This. This right here. I literally listed my complaints and you don't even address them! And instead of going through the complaints and telling me why specific ones are wrong you just fanboy and say "if you have ANY complaints then nothing can satisfy you" ...That's absurd. Read my complaints and give me ONE specific one I'm wrong about. That's how a dialogue works. What you just did was fangirl on the internet. You didn't prove anything, you didn't debate anything. Give me a specific example of what complaints were wrong. I swear to god. You fanboys and your inability to take criticism. I praised the game. I said it's the best I've ever played but it's got a lot of let downs. But apparently because I praised it insufficiently I deserve your scorn.
  3. I'm not saying it's not a great game. It may be my favorite game yet. I'm saying we, as the consumers of video games, have a responsibility to our future selves to point out the things that we don't like -- because if we don't game developers are gonna keep cutting corners and creating undeveloped mechanics. And when the next great game comes around it'll be just as hollow in it's gameplay. I see two types of people in these comments -- those who look at my complaints genuinely and (while they don't agree on everything) see where I'm coming from. And those, who are in the honeymoon phase of the game and can't allow themselves to even consider my point of view. Thats okay. I've spent over 90 hours in this game now. I'm gonna go back at some point and relive the story again. It's just one of those stories I'll never stop loving. That beings said, no one can logically deny that the mechanics aren't sustainable for long term playability. There is NO economy in the game. NPCs don't really talk to you. If you guys look at the "conversation" between Arthur and Tilly that I copy pasted from my game above -- and you think that's acceptable and more than enough... Than I can't take you seriously. Come on people, dream a little. Wouldn't it have been nice to have been able to take camp members out for activities like robbing or drinking? Get to hear conversations between them and Arthur. You CAN'T tell me that wouldn't have improved the gameplay. Almost all of the camp members we love barely get any screen time. We don't interact at all with Sadie for the first half of the game, and we don't talk with Karen for the second half. Tilly has 1 mission. Lenny has maybe 3. All of these characters have such limited screen time... And you guys are okay with that. As if you don't want more.
  4. Dyl, it's not about fun! It's about the quality of the product we paid for. We can all agree that it was fun. I myself praised the story and acting. It's about the quality of the game as a whole. And to be honest, there were way to many features that were underdeveloped it's clear to see the single player was not the focus of the game. I'm willing to bet their primary revenue from this game will come from Online. Much like GTA5. We paid for a single player game and we were given an incomplete product. The "single player features" I listed above are so limited they may as well have been left out of the game entirely. As for you, I get you're a fan, but every post you comment on you say the exact same thing. You talk about how fun the game is and ignore any complaints. So, why don't you take some of my points and refute them. Tell me how the economy in the game isn't broken. Tell me about how I'm wrong about NPC interactions. Tell me the body weight system is actually genius and way better than the body weight system in San Andreas. Stop telling me the games fun. Look at my points and refute them.
  5. Another complaint I have is horse bonding. The horse customization and bonding is so limited it's embarrassing. I'm betting they have a more in-depth system for Red Dead Online.
  6. Illusion. Perfect description of modern open world games. The illusion of players having choice and freedom. I have to disagree on the game being overhyped though. The story is well deserving of the hype. It's the blatant lies about the open world that gets under my skin.
  7. I suppose I phrased it harshly because this game means a lot to me. And I'm honestly disappointed that they half assed it. I say half assed because it perfectly describes the game. They were phenomenal half way, and left the other half basically unfinished. The game had so much wasted potential it's depressing. The characters and acting were incredible, but we barely got to interact with them. Even Dutch! One of my favorite missions in the game was a fishing mission with Dutch and Hosea. Imagine getting intimate and unique scenes like that with all the gang members whenever you wanted just by approaching one of them and asking them to come to town with you. We could have taken any of our outlaw family hunting, drinking, watching shows, robbing... It would have strengthened our connection to these characters tenfold. The fact that R* never even considered that is embarrassing. They gave us an amazing world and robbed us of any real connection to it.
  8. So… I’ve almost 100 percent-ed the game. And here’s my honest spoiler free analysis. Feel free to tell me if you think I’m being unfair. Positives: The story and acting is phenomenal The world looks phenomenal The bounty missions were very enjoyable but there were far too few of them The hair growth system was cool to see 
Negatives: The economy is a joke The morality system is a joke The body weight system is a joke The cleanliness and bath system is a joke The side games are a joke. Games can’t be played for big bucks, even in Saint Denis The camp is a joke! Chores don’t get you any rewards or special dialogue, NPC’s don’t actually talk to you, and hunting for perfect pelts for upgrades is a complete waste of time because all the camp upgrades will disappear after chapter 6. (I learned that the hard way — and boy was I pissed) The legendary animals and fish are a joke. You can’t display them, selling them is useless because money is useless in this game, and the only unique rewards you can get from them are those hideous outfits made by the trapper. WTF R* you couldn’t be bothered to make the legendary outfits look decent? Really? Speaking of which, outfit options in the game are so limited it’s embarrassing. 
Gun shopping is fundamentally pointless as dead eye makes your beginner guns just as effective at getting headshots as upgraded guns. You’re better off just sticking with your original guns and customizing them to your liking. 
What else… The one romance Arthur has in the game is limited to 2 missions. 2. Chapter 5 of the game should never have existed. You don’t access a 3rd the map until the epilogue and there are no missions there when you do. I assume these regions were designed entirely for Red Dead Online. And random events happen far too infrequently. Good luck trying to find the event where your gang busts you out of jail. I got myself imprisoned over thirty times before I got a single jailbreak scene. Finally… NPC interactions are a joke, especially with fellow camp members. Most go something like this: “Tilly!” “Hey Arthur” “Okay then, I won’t disturb you” “Sure Arthur” It’s disgusting the wasted potential for interactions with fellow gang members. They built a beautiful cast and you rarely ever see or talk to most of them. R* couldn’t be bothered to make a follower system like GTA 5 where you could call up a friend and take them out for activities like drinking or robbing. So instead of taking Dutch to the Saint Denis theatre, or Karen for drinks in the local salon, or taking Sadie robbing (which would have been awesome to see), you are limited to only ever seeing them in missions. It’s pitiful. TL;DR the story and acting is beyond incredible. The “living, breathing” open world we were promised, is a joke. This game was designed to be a story game, not an RPG. And they were wrong to emphasize the open world gameplay elements the way they did. It was fundamentally dishonest advertising. That's about it. After 80+ hours I think I'm gonna take a break from the game. I love this world and these characters, but the gameplay is just too hollow to justify me running around shooting things for much longer. After the epilogue the world feels empty. Hopefully Red Dead Online will be more than the cash grab that GTA Online was. Probably not, but fingers crossed.
  9. I agree entirely. However, after putting a lot of thought into it, I'm not sure that's "entirely" rockstars fault. They exaggerated the gameplay in their demo vids. Like, when they said "you can call out to a passing rider" and gave the insinuation that you could actually have a conversation with random NPCs. Unfortunately, they were being literal in that's ALL you can do. Call out to them. I think for me where my disappointment in the gameplay falls was the hype I got from the people who got early previews. They said so many blatantly false things that R* never bothered to correct. I heard several people say that you could have entire conversations with NPC's and that they would all be as immersive as your conversations with Dutch. It was blatant lies like this that made me think it was a literal living, breathing world. And, when it came around and every feature that was hyped up was barely even functional, I felt cheated.
  10. Oi. Benjo. I'm curious as to your opinion about the ending. You were so excited before the games release. I wanna know if it lived up to your expectations.
  11. I honestly think I would have been less angry had it just been a story game without all the "open world" stuff.
  12. 9 and 10 can't be reached without tonic. Just buy a boatload of tonic and use one a day. My beard was full length after 6 days of playing real time. If your beard is already level 6/7 it should only take a day or two.
  13. The mission is called Red Dead Redemption. Although, it's a follow up mission directly after another mission called Our Best Selves (the final train heist).
  14. I HATED that it forced me to use those damn repeaters. I only ever wanted to use my shotguns and pump action rifles. And yet, every single f'ing mission -- I was stuck with a repeater -- often times unable to switch it out on my own. I can understand forcing a sniper rifle on you for a scene, but this... This was ridiculous.
  15. After a certain point of leveling up dead eye it stops painting X's and you have to do it manually. Press R1 on PS4 and RB on XBO. You'll be able to manually paint X's to your hearts content.
  16. I just realized how long that was... sh*t. Okay. TL;DR 2 -- They really oversold the customization & NPC interactions in this game. Both are so limited they might as well not be in the game. Morality is a joke. Glitches weren't that bad. Features were clearly stripped to be saved for Red Dead Online so they could profit from micro-transactions. The story was engaging, the acting was phenomenal. It deserves an 8/10. Minimum. But it certainly isn't the "perfect living world" we were straight up lied to about. Outside of the story the world is pretty empty. NPCs just can't be engaged with outside of simple sentences. Not even your gang members. The game could have ditched the open world and just been one mission after another without any customization, story only, and it would have gotten the exact same score. You don't come to this game for the open world, you come for the story.
  17. I think scoring a 10/10 is the same for entertainment as it is for sexuality. We can all agree what a 9/10 looks like, but a 10/10 is personal to each individual. Personally, this has been one of my favorite games ever. The story, IMO, deserves a hell of a lot more than a +3. It's easily the best game story I've ever seen, and it's overall one of the best stories I've ever watched in any entertainment medium period. I personally found the excess of shooting enjoyable. It was better than the average "stalk a guy silently through the city" quests we've had in GTA games. There aren't that many things to do in game missions outside of talking civilly and fighting. I have to agree with you on the false advertisement though. I wouldn't call it overhype, because this game was definitely deserving, but I would call it blatant overselling and straight up lying. There is no real interactions with NPCs. Not even the ones at camp. You can't take your camp mates out for activities like you could in GTA 5 (WASTED opportunity) -- you could take Trevor or Lamar to rob a store and they'd sit there behind you and say "you better listen to this guy, he's crazy" to the cashier. Imagine being able to hold up stores with John or Dutch or Sadie at random! It would have been great. But no. You also get no real interaction with radiant NPCs. You can greet them for a howdy but that's literally it. There are actually more dialogue options when antagonizing people. And, robberies rarely ever work. I tried to rob around 50 people, maybe 3 of them actually gave me their money. The rest tried to shoot me and a handful tried to run away. The morality system is a joke. It might as well not be there apart from discounts at stores, of which theres nothing to buy. You're right on the money about clothing being a joke. I hated the intro blue shirt, and I only ever found 1 outfit that didn't look ridiculous outside of that. Speaking of which the economy is fundamentally broken. You get too much money for the story to justify and so it pretends that you're broke in the game and won't allow you to buy anything substantive, else wise your character would have just used his 20 thousand dollars to leave the US and buy a house in another country. There were some glitches in my game, but nothing that didn't resolve itself. I did notice that many gang members would be missing from camp. Every chapter at least 4 gang members just didn't exist in my game. I didn't see Sadie until chapter 4. TL;DR we were sold a living world outside of the story. We were lied to. I made a thread earlier which you responded to where I talked about rockstar stripping features from single player to put into multi player -- you said you didn't think they'd do that. It's a beautiful world, and a phenomenally written and acted story. That being said it's empty outside of the missions. Which I can see you feel too. No clothing options, no way to spend money outside of your horse and guns (also fundamentally useless to upgrade when you have dead eye), no random NPC interactions outside of saying hello or insulting them. NO HANGING OUT WITH GANG MEMBERS OUTSIDE OF MISSIONS AND SIDE MISSIONS (that's my biggest gripe). I'd give the story a 9/10 objectively, and the free roam a 4/10 simply because it's empty. In the end I expect many of the things I felt were left out, like an economy, good clothing, luxury items and properties to buy -- I assume they'll all be implemented into Red Dead Online. In the same way GTA 5 SP was stripped of features to save for GTAO. Same scummy business practices as 2013. Same complaints I had back then too. Literally, I was having this EXACT same argument half a decade ago. It's Rockstar. I warned you guys you were being duped. I honestly thought it would be worse. It seems I was pleasantly surprised compared to my expectations and you were slightly let down. Although, you seem a little... Emotional about it now. I know when I'm disappointed I get overworked too. I doubt you'll be this pissed in a month once you reflect on the game a bit. It really wasn't bad. Certainly not deserving of a 6. It's an 8.5 easily.
  18. I'm glad I made this thread. Before on these forms everyone was almost exclusively passive or outright anti-sex in RDR2. Now after this thread at least I know I'm not alone in feeling let down. The sheer number of people in this thread alone who feel the same is actually pretty cool. Like I said before, great game, easily the best story I've ever seen. That being said, that doesn't mean we as fans should just ignore the things we feel it lacks. If we don't speak out the creators of these games will never know what we're thinking.
  19. This is a multi billion dollar game with an audience in the millions. They've been consistent in the sex in their games for a decade now. Of course fans of that aspect of the game are going to be disappointed. Now, as for "it doing nothing for you" -- I'm a romantic. I like story lines and character depth. I'm not big on massacres and shootouts. I'm not big on gore. How would you feel if Rockstar who built an audience (of people like you) by showcasing gun battles in their games -- just left them out of RDR2, and I, not caring for them, simply said... Eh. It doesn't bother me that gun battles were left out. I'm not a fan of them anyway. And all the fans who were disappointed, f em. I'm guessing you wouldn't like me very much. Bottom line, the world doesn't revolve around your likes. If other people in your community are asking for something the least you could do is not be dismissive of them.
  20. I love this game. It's easily the most immersive game I've ever played. That said, it's sorely lacking in human companionship outside of missions. You can't bring followers with you in free roam. You can't have conversations outside of quick blips at camp, and you can't visit a brothel. What bothers me, is that these were all things that GTA5 had figured out 5 years ago. At any point you could call up any of the protagonists and even side characters (like Amanda, Jimmy or Lamar) and drive around talking and doing activities. There was never a point in that game where the city felt empty. And yet... I find myself in this beautiful landscape, only ever able to briefly greet or bully people, and 99% of the time at camp I have no real interaction with the gang members. Only during special pre-scripted moments after select missions are they doing campfires and singing songs. They recorded half a million lines of dialogue, a few more wouldn't have been unthinkable. Giving us the option to take John out to the local saloon, or take Dutch out robbing a storefront, or Charles out hunting -- even if there weren't lots of lines of dialogue. Just having a buddy next to us to make the world feel less lonely. I won't even get started on the brothels again. Some members of your gang see prostitutes, some members of your gang ARE prostitutes, "whores" are mentioned every five minutes when talking about an infamous city or rival gangs, and every prostitute in the game asks you for your company and your only option is to reject or decline. It's actually kinda frustrating. Actually at camp after one of the missions they were singing "I'm a poor lonesome cowboy" and I couldn't decide wether it was funny or if the loneliness was intentionally designed to drive the plot in some way.
  21. First thing I did during that mission was ride back to my horse and leave his behind. Look on your map in that area. So long as your horse is saddled it's known as you "main horse" and there should be an icon leading you to it.
  22. Other gang members use prostitutes in the story, but the one encounter we have with them in the story we insult them away. I was kinda upset that I couldn't use brothels (still am really), but, if you go up to a hooker and press antagonize you'll hear Arthur say things so funny you'll die of laughter. "You've probably spread more diseases than cholera" "I'm sure you're a feller under there"
  23. Actually, only skin giant animals that you can't carry. Small animal skins will be stuck on your horses ass like a rug.
  24. Yeah. I learned this glitch early on. You end up having to "discard" the pelt entirely. No way to sell or use it. Just pay your respects and go hunt another one. Don't skin it this time.
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