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What happens to horse cargo when you die?


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26 minutes ago, NMS said:

I had the legendary bear pelt on my horse but was killed on the way to the trapper.  I respawned on my horse with no cargo.  I'm assuming the bear was unique so is it lost forever?

I lost the same pelt when I killed and elk and stopped to skin it.  ....go figure.

....but yeah, I noticed you lose your skins when you die.   :(


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These animals are unique animals of a specific species and when killed they drop legendary pelts, these pelts are highly valuable and can be used to craft trappers and special clothing items. If you somehow lose the legendary pelt it will be transported to the Trapper so you will never miss this reward once you get it. Furthermore collecting these animals also completes one of your requirement towards the Compendium.

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