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How to move items to horse saddle bag?


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Hi Benjo,

Sometimes my bag is full of supplies, I thought that we could put some supplies there too, or something like that... As I said, when I'm close to the horse I have the option to see its bag, but it's always empty, I managed how to store clothes in the horse, but I think that is a different thing.


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You can only carry outfits, hats and masks in your horse's storage. Pelts and slain animals are stored in their appropriate spots "on" the horse (visible) as you already know.  You cannot store other loot, etc. in the saddle bags but you can upgrade them so you carry more outfits, hats and masks.

One large item behind the blanket roll (e.g. whole deer, rolled buffalo skin, etc.) and other skins beneath that.  ......I don't know the limit (if there is one) on those other skins Arthur drapes on the back.  I've had several on there myself.

If you do try to mount another large animal or skin but already have one, it will give you the option to remove the one already on your horse.  .....as you can only carry one of those items at a time.  Larger game birds are hung on either side of the saddle and limited to two.

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