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Howdy folks,

Now that the game has launched, just as we have predicted, the population of the forum has EXPLODED -- which is a great thing!

However, as such, we need your help. There are only three mods and one admin, and it's difficult for us to find each and every spoiler ourselves.

We've all waited for SO long to play this game. No one wants the awesome surprises spoiled by a discourteous poster.

So PLEASE -- if you see ANY spoiler posted, REPORT IT - as originally requested here:


The poster will not know you reported them, and we will address the "spoil" immediately. Also, first-time offenders simply get a verbal warning, so -- no, there's no reason not to report it.

Any questions? Ask here.

Your help is greatly appreciated in this endeavor to keep the game and all of the exploration therein as fun as possible.

Thanks, partners!


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