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Scholfield revolver


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19 minutes ago, gamerfan1010 said:

is if a big deal if I didn’t get the scihofiekd during this

If you don't care about having every gun, then it really doesn't matter. You'll find other guns along they way.

That might also be available in the shop.

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On this mission, you can rob the room as many times as you'd like, even after the mission ends.

Grab the gun, then run out the door and turn to the left to the sherrif's office to turn yourself in.  If you ONLY KILL O'DRISCOLLS, your bounty will be less than $10, and you can pay that off easily.

You can then repeat the theft and keep taking the money on the table ($50.00) and killing O'Driscolls.  I did it about ten times and made $400.00+ easily.  You can also keep looting scholfields and dual wield them once you get the off-hand holster.

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