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Geology for Beginners Problem


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Hey folks,

I found and inspected 9 of the rock carvings but couldn’t inspect the 10th as the option to inspect didn’t pop up. Nor did the carving glow while in eagle eye mode. 

I then went to an older save were I had 8 carvings. I skipped 9 and went straight to 10. It popped. No problem. But when I went to 9 which I had previously had no problem with. It didn’t pop up. What am I missing?? 

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5 hours ago, ephemeralsocieties said:

I’m having the same issue. I’m at 9/10 and can’t inspect the last site. Anyone have any ideas of what could be done?

Do you have another save file that is close to the one you are playing on? I would try loading that one up and see if it works. If not, check a guide to see if something was missed. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that it could be. Wish I could help. I see other people have had this issue as well. 

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