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Red Dead Redemption Online: let's chat


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Heists, lots of heists. Also lots of other cooperative content.


I'd also like to see free roam shenanigans kept in check through various game mechanics. GTA Online was like a constant death match and while I think being able to freely kill other players is great, it just needs to be kept in check. I'd like it to leverage the bounty system to do so. If you have a bounty, others can kill you freely, if you don't have a bounty and another player kills you, they get a bounty and a load of bounty hunters on them immediately that will force them out of the area for at least some time. Also tie it into PvE bounties, so if you're going around shooting up towns like a nut, you are open to be killed by any player without repercussion. If you're playing smart and not getting a PvE bounty, then you can't be killed less the other player is willing to get forced out of the area. 

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This is going to seem silly, but the one thing I am hoping for the most, is that I can ride around freely without a big logo above my head. Hiding behind a tree is pointless if the guy stalking you can see you a mile away because my gamertag or ID is hovering above my head. I'm also hoping they have the three different modes like the first game, with friendly, normal, and hardcore.  Basically, it would be awesome if real players didn't know if you were an NPC or not. This week keep griefers in check to some extent.

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