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How much will reset after beta?


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I've put too many hours in ... I shouldn't have, knowing it was a beta, but I did anyway.  And so now I don't want all my progress undone, lol!

Do we have any knowledge about how re-set things will be?  Will I lose everything, most things, or nothing?

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Only Rockstar knows mate... 

But, i think for now.. There will be some time before they actually reset stuff, and do updates. I think today will be the big test, as everyone with a copy of RDR2 can play online.. Im guessing things will be pretty hectic server wise. 

As noted by Rockstar Games in a BETA Launch post, which explains all there is to know about the Early Access period, the studio hopes "that all player progress during this early period of the beta will be able to remain intact long term".

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