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  1. Yep! its now the same as GTAO.. I have been running it for the last week, without any problems.. did 7 levels for a week... back when in a full lobby i could not even do 7 levels a month.. So, you can use this trick, and your friends testing this one, will have a blast!
  2. Ofcourse you may ask! You on PS4? - Change MTU settings, in your network settings on the ps4 to 750, instead of the current 1500.. Restart the game.. = Solo Lobby.. There is no downside.. the game will tell you connection error, but you wont be prompted to menu, like the old days! so now you just keep going in game, and the camp stays put.. AFTER i did this, i have had to ignore ganghideouts, cause there is so much stuff going on the map.. Dynamic Events, and such.. Totaly different game!!!
  3. Rockstar really needs to put out a huge update, that could bring folks in again.. As it is right now, i am still entertained, especially after using the "Solo Lobby" trick, that was a game changer for me, but else than that, i need something new and different to keep me going more than 30 minutes.
  4. Forgive my (For sure) Stupid question here mate, but do i understand correct, that you have an external drive connected to the back USB on the ps4, and have all games run from that one, and not the internal one? - I dont want to (as it is right now) change the internal drive, and was hoping for a reliable drive that would work as an external. If so, can you recommend a brand? - Or do i just go for the speed of it? Im seriously on a confused path here
  5. Hey Fellow outlaws, outlaw Ga......... no! I just reached level 20 on my "Moonshiners" Role, and i now have all roles maxed out.. I have a problem, that i dont get any Gang Hideout spawns anymore, or ambush events.. However, i get ALOT.. like ALOT of "Moonshiners" events, where i need to take all the revenue agents out, and then get the usual XP. So, really i cant complain, but could this be a weird kind of bug? or have any of you guys experienced this?
  6. I dont mean to be rude or anything guys, but what did you expect? I think the update was great, maybe 7 months is a bit... long for it, but since the update, i actually started to enjoy playing again. About maxing out roles, if you got 10 hours playtime a day, i kinda understand why you would be mad that the content is a bit lack.. But since i am a father, i have around 3 hours (TOP) a day i can play, mostly at night... and im only level 11.. I dont see the point in rushing the roles, as i might end up in the same situation, and even though so, i would still enjoy playing, as i am nearly out of gold.. so i am playing to get this up, until the next pass comes (Wich would proberly be the Halloween Pass) About the disconnect.. i have had 1 since the update.. So i dont know if it has something with Region to do. 🤷‍♂️
  7. I think its hillarious, that Harriet reacts, if you kill animals! Thats a fun little add Also, she reacts if you are wearing the garments.. even more funny! lol
  8. If you get the Elephant rifle, you can shoot it dead, first time. I used almost 20 shots with an ordinary rifle at first, without luck. Maybe it got soft, i dont know ;D - Also, i really really love the work put into this new role! i am ALMOST saying its worth the 7 months, but i guess Corona played a big part in this though.. Nevertheless, animals spawns like crazy now, and its a real pleasure to ride, and have life around you like never before.. The game just got 50% better. Now, i know Rockstar plans to build further into the roles already existing, and also adding small portions of new stuff everytime they send out an update, so who knows? we might get something cool in the next portion.. Let the Hotels bring in BATH functions, for roleplayers like me ;-)
  9. Time to put this game on the shelfes for now.. I cant cope with a game so broken as it is.. It was actually pretty fun before the moonshiner update, but now.. its borring, and unplayable.. because of massive bugs, no life, and what not.. Will be looking in again in some months, and see if its fun again!
  10. I also want the ability to rob npcs and robbing stores.. however, i dont see how that could work in online.. as every little griefer or kid would do it.. also, i Think they should make the shops close and open.. business hours 🙏🏼😀 and... still waiting for the hotel to open.. i Think the next role Will be photographer and then its open for a goldminer, or anything like that
  11. Rockstar Logic.... 😂 ‘keep sending your feedback’ yeah Well... the dripfeed content added today sucks.. i would love love love to play in a private session so i Can roleplay myself.. dont need a public server with 97,7% toxic children in it...
  12. Haha.. Yeah.. they are trolling.. To the max! or having major issues fixing the issues the game has at this very moment..
  13. I just logged in, server was full , but there was animals.. i dont think the problem is fixed, and just seems like i was lucky.. however i am REALLY hopefull that rockstar will adresse some of the major issues tomorrow, and not just throw out a new gamemode or dripfeed.. 😑🪓
  14. SNOW is gone! - And all festive stuff has been removed.. Now, lets hope Rockstar is preparing a H-U-G-E bugfix + update, to come Tuesday! *Fingers Crossed*
  15. THIS... I hope it comes on Tuesday... But i really have no hopes.. The game is SO broken... And there is too many things to mention. The game is almost as it was in the early week of Beta.. UN_Playable. - I logged in today (Only for 30 mins) But, i rode from Valentine, to Amardillo, and i saw nothing.. really... nothing.. i shot 1 bird.. (Yep..1) , and the world was empty.. There was 23 players in the lobby, so i know THAT was an issue, but also the major one. They really need to fix this issue, as i dont want to try all the "Hacks" to get an empty lobby to hunt, i want to be able to hunt and do missions with the servers full. ofcourse they need their vacation like all of us, but if they want to keep this game a game that players want to play, they should really really put in that update asap..
  16. Rockstar must be on overtime fixing the game... i hope tuesday Will bring a massive bug fix patch... its been too long
  17. True, however, they might have people looking at all the tickets they get from frustrated gamers.. And seeing GTA V updates still occurs on Thursdays, i would say a patch update today is not strictly off.. But am i counting on it? - NO... Early next week is proberly the right answer.
  18. The snow was cool.. really cool.. But at this time, i wish they would fix the game, and make the snow continue up north.. instead of the whole map.. THAT would make sence.. RIght now the game feels just as empty, as it did in beta.. No animals, bugs, cheaters, no encounters.. everything is really broken right now. I hope they will add a massive patch tomorrow, or atleast early next week.. Cause right now, its pretty unplayable/unstable
  19. Agree... on top of that i wanted to try the blizzard that should be in RDO right now, and wanted to visit Valentine.. and what happens? A dedicated Child that just got the game from mom and dad, shooting around with dynamites... sheeez.... just another day in RDO i Think i Will put the game on hold, till Rockstar put some effort in this buggy game, that indeed got worse after the moonshiner dlc.. right now, its really REALLY broken!
  20. Yesterday was a disgrace... 3-5 endless loading scenes, had to reboot.. servers full = no animals either... I really dont care anymore about the snow.. just give me a game i can play, without this endless bug hell.. Its driving me mad, and taking away the fun for the game.. Unfortunatly!
  21. I updated my Schofields to the Dual Navys.. And did the "lenght" on them... I simply cant stand them sticking out of the holsters.. so i went back to the Schofields.. haha
  22. Even though i had a session last night, in a lobby with no players, and a good bunch of animals, i am still so noob at levelling "Trader" role.. I know i could buy the wagon, and fill it up, but i am only level 3 in it as it is right now. Everytime i deliver pelts, and such, it only levels a bit on the meter with Cribs, and when i go out hunting again, and come back, the meter has fallen again. I think im doing it wrong 😮
  23. Haha Guys, the video on Youtube, was just a quick example, of what i would love to have my character do.. But the good old T2 Arnold Twirl would be amazing! I know it might not come, but its a little Xmas wish! - i bet back in those western days, they diddent care about safety
  24. I have alot for this actually, but one that came to my thoughts this afternoon, was a Rifle / Shotgun Twirl? Like this Ex. Rifle Twirl We got it for the guns, why not add a "Arnold" Terminator twirl, that would be so bad ass!!
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