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Some posse questions (and our starting posse!)


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So here is our posse, as of now...


But I've got a BUNCH of buddies who want in.


So I wanted to ask... a big posse, the max is seven members, right?


If I am a posse leader of a persistent posse, can someone ELSE start a temp posse, and then I and other members can join them WITHOUT "destroying" our posse?  We are nervous, because we have maybe 10 or 12 dudes who want to play, and it won't always be the seven guys in my large posse.


Anyone have any knowledge they could share about the large posses, and if you can be in one and also join other, temporary posses?



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The permanent posse is like CEO / MC in GTA. Basically just without a business or office. You can stand down as a leader and join anyone else. There is a bug currently that drove me kinda mad and almost made me feel bad for paying those $200 for it. If you start the permanent posse, it might happen that it only shows 4 members. In order to be able to add 7, i had to expand my camp to large (this is only the first step) and then jump to a new session with my active posse (having members or not) to a new session. There will be a new option in online menu to do so. Once you end up in this new session with a large camp, it should be possible to have 7 members. A friend of mine had the same problem.

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The reason, i have a good and large group to play with is because i am part of an established grind crew from GTA that is expanding to RDR. If you have a number of team oriented players at hand with the ability to get missions done instead of randomly messing up, finding people for a permanent posse is actually easy.

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