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What has happened with Online Race Series?


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I was enjoying the Race Series until yesterday, when suddenly every Server had two or three characters constantly circling at the start, delaying the end for like 15 minutes. With no way to return to Free Roam the only alternative is to reboot the game entirely. Which I had to to loads of times last night.

Thought I would give it a go today, same problem, now I'm watching a guy throw hundreds of sticks of dynamite (in a race that doesn't have dynamite pick-ups) at the two circling players at the start line.

Looks like a hack. Reported for Cheating and Disruptive Behaviour. Don't know how effective  that will be.

Race just finished at 20 minutes. My time was 3 minutes 11 seconds. Can't do this for long...

Next race has 7 players. 5 of them stayed at the start line, ambling about. I'll have to reboot, don't go into races till it's fixed, it's really frustrating.

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