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Here is a Map of All Online Gang Hideouts


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Below is a updated map of all the Gang Hideouts in Red Dead Online. This guide was made by Reddit user (Rock1Jump) so I can not take credit for it.  

Also added are some ambush encounters.

These have been done twice in different sessions to make sure they werent random. Although the makeshift camps could be since the site is empty (no wagons, tents, etc.) if there's no one there.

There have some online guides saying the Story Mode hideouts respawn in 3 in-game days. Not sure about online though.


They are sort of random in that they don't always spawn, but the locations at which they can spawn are fixed.

Multiple factors affect if they spawn or not;

Sometimes the matchmaking move you to a different lobby silently (can be seen by player dots disappearing while new appear closer to you) and the camp can pop up right in front of you.

Some camps have no permanent landmarks and they will be completely empty if the camp has not spawned. If those camps have tents but are empty, some other player 'recently' cleared the area. With hideouts like forts it's harder to tell whether its been cleared or not spawned in yet.


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6 minutes ago, DLKnives said:

I've only found two hideouts and one of them a griefer waited until I killed everyone then killed me and took everything. Man I hate those people. But now I can find more of them!

I had that happen to me last night. I was playing with 3 others so there was 4 of us but soon as we got separated a bit, he just started pegging us off. Like, get a life dude!

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