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"De Ruyter Gang" recruiting (ps4)


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"De Ruyter Gang" has big plans, and no it does not involve Tahiti..

We are a honorable gang with good team spirit in for money, laughs and money. Did i say money?

Stranger missions, hunting, showdowns and just messing around.

All with mics and good english.

Just casual and mature players.


Yours truly,

John De Ruyter.


Add me on psn: YoMomsLovah

We also have discord.

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Hi, new member here on the forum. I am assuming you are Dutch from your latest reply, so am I.

I am usually on daily and have about 8000 animals hunted haha. Level 62 here and I would like to run missions and stranger missions together to build rank more, now that I basically have everything I need equipped. I might run my own posse from time to time with some personal friends but usually am solo.


Haven't done any PVP as I am not the best at it, but put all my efforts into upgrading all cards to level 2 and around 7 at level 3. My focus currently is to get the team boost cards to lvl 3 to b a support player.


Add me if interested : PSN : Euphoric77 - decent English and run with Mic

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