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The musicians are playing Christmas songs.


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I'm in Tumbleweed and it's a ShootFest. I'm trying to make it to the bar without a Christmas carbine to the head. While the carnage continues outside I'ma gonna try and get served a whiskey, find a seat and listen to the goddamn pianist play me a Christmas carol.

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You're right no-where's safe Mary, I come into the RDR world to get away from the Tinselfest in the real one. I thought RDR was about creating a realistic, believable Wild West.


Christmas music in the saloons just spoils RDR2.

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They'd most likely have known and played some of the old carols back in the day. Some go back a long way. But haaa, I wonder if there's an alternative bar out there somewhere.
A violinist sometimes turns up outside in Saint Denis. I wonder if they'll put on a show for crimbo.

Edit: That violinist, I now drunkenly remember, was in story-mode.


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