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  1. You can still do both. There is just a 10-15 minute window where Harriet won't let you do business with her after you've killed some animals. Just get your business done with her first and then go out hunting. You have to keep pumping the animal with sedative rounds until you you see the red X as if you've mortally wounded it. Instead of dying, it will run for a little bit and then pass out. You can then walk up to it and take a sample and if you wish, revive it for extra naturalist xp, provided you have some animal reviver sold by Harriet. The bigger the animal, the more rounds it takes to sedate it. You cannot sedate birds and small critters like squirrels, rats, chipmunks, toads, frogs and bats. The shots will kill them.
  2. It's different if you strictly go the conservationist route. It's pretty much like filling out the animal compendium in story mode which is something I enjoyed doing there. You're not kidding. I managed to sedate a grizzly, but it took nearly 30 sedative rounds and I chased him all the way from one end of Big Valley to the other.
  3. You can buy valerian root from Madam Nazar but it's expensive. You're better off using prairie poppies or buying the bullets from Harriette.
  4. Figured it might be right up your alley. The game says it has assisted aim, but I find it to be useless, so I've been free aiming. I find free aim to be much easier there than here.
  5. Boredom from lack of content, plus the bugs like lack of animals has pretty much caused me to shelve the game for now. Instead I recently turned my attention to Star Wars Battlefront 2 which can be picked up for real cheap in the PS store right now. That game has made tremendous strides since the disaster it was at launch.
  6. Yeah, make it so that PVP doesn't suck!
  7. All you can do is eyeball the location on your map when comparing it to the collector's item map. All you have to do is mark your waypoint in the general location of where you think it should be, and when you get in the area you'll see the gold sparkles in eagle eye or feel the ticks start to register with the metal detector.
  8. Another good way to get Tennessee whiskey is to loot lots of bodies, especially revenue agent bodies. They often have collectible liquor bottles on them and Tennessee whiskey is one of the most common.
  9. LOL! Thanks for the laugh. While I agree that the game needs fixing in areas, those moronic petitions don't do jack sh*t!
  10. Which is why I will never play an online game on PC unless it's co-op PvE like Diablo.
  11. I don't know if it's a bug or not and if it is I don't want them to fix it, but I've been loving how it has become semi frequent to be placed in a solo lobby after completing a mission like a bounty hunter or bootlegger mission. I ended up in a solo lobby all night last Friday and it was glorious. There was a never ending supply of animals to hunt and I could ride around the map and do what I please without worrying about some idiot taking pot shots at me as I ride past.
  12. I had a major problem with constant disconnects when I switch from my ISP's(Comcast) provided modem/router to a privately owned modem/router combo. It wasn't until I switched again, this time to a privately owned modem and router that were separate from one another, that my disconnect issues cleared up. I chose to spend a little more money on a more powerful router meant for gaming to be on the safe side and I haven't regretted that decision. Now disconnects are rare and when I do get them, it's a different error code than before and I know it's not me.
  13. I tried that when I was having constant disconnect issues and it didn't do anything for me.I had a modem/router combo and it wasn't until I got a new modem and separate router that was meant a little more for gamers that my disconnects finally ceased.
  14. I killed someone's horse yesterday. If they're going to be a douchebag and come after me when I'm clearly trying to avoid them because I have better things to do than waste time and ammo in an endless shootout, then they're horse is fair game! Btw, have they nerfed explosive ammo? It used to be a guaranteed one hit kill regardless of how tanky the other player was. Now it often takes 2 shots.🤬
  15. You can blow through the levels pretty easily even without the xp bonuses. It only took me a couple weeks, pretty much just playing on the weekends, to max out.
  16. You are not required to spend any of the gold gifted through the outlaw pass. You have full control over where you spend your gold. Edit: Forgot to mention, the gold doesn't automatically show up in your account. You have to claim the voucher on the rewards screen. Your outlaw pass rank is completely independent of your character rank. So , as you're progressing through your outlaw pass rank, it doesn't affect leveling of your character rank.
  17. I like to lasso him, release him, then lasso him again.😁
  18. IMO, don't even bother with any of the stranger missions good or bad. They are just not profitable enough to be worth your time. You'll gain far more money and xp by doing all of the different roles, bounty hunter, trader, collector and moonshiner. I think bounty hunter would be a perfect fit for you.
  19. I'm sure they'll eventually get around to bringing in the ability to rob banks, trains and stagecoaches, even pedestrians.
  20. You put your left foot in. You put your left foot out. You put your left foot in and you shake it all about. You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. That's what it's all about.🤣
  21. Here's a trick to help reduce player attacks when making a trader delivery. Spawn on the Eastern side of the map like Lemoyne or New Hanover. Set your camp to Gaptooth Ridge in New Austin. Fast travel to camp and start a long delivery. The delivery point is either going to be Thieves Landing or a shack along the St. Luis river in Hennigan's stead. It's a quiet out of the way route where most of the time you'll encounter no resistance. You might encounter a player coming from Armadillo, or around Thieves Landing, but it's rare.
  22. I can't get my gold belt buckle for making and drinking 10 different moonshine recipes until this becomes available.😥
  23. I haven't tested it, but personally, like the stranger missions, I think you're better off doing multiple missions in the time it would take to do one while maxing out the timer. I believe it's a more efficient use of your time and in the long run probably make more money.
  24. Took them long enough. There's less than a week to go till Christmas. Last year IIRC, the had Christmas music playing all throughout the month of December and into January.
  25. Speaking of Christmas, how come the saloons aren't playing Christmas music like they did last year?🙁
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