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Where would you settle?


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Red Dead can get pretty damn immersive. When I was out being an outlaw, I sometimes would just say, "screw it", abandon missions, hunting for rewards and just leave the gang to fend for themselves. I would wander around and check things out and soak up the scenery. Let my imagination do its thing.

I know that a lot of players really enjoy building their characters. Just the right outfit, perfect beard trims and great hats. The game encourages an active imagination and most gamers that I know are pretty imaginative people. So I don't mind putting this out there.

What part of the map would settle in? If the game would allow you to purchase property, construct things, grow crops, etc. Where would you homestead? Buy an existing property and renovate? Rent a room in Blackwater and hustle pool for a living? Start a horse farm down south?

I would buy land near Emerald Ranch. The soil looks dark and rich, good for growing quality cannabis and hemp. It's pretty centrally located with a train depot on the edge of town. I could ship my product, via rail, to all parts of the map. If I had a warehouse in St. Denis, overseas shipping would be feasible. If I franchised dispensaries in Annesburg, St. Denis and Armadillo I would let Josiah run them. I think he could really sell product. Lenny could oversee the grows. I would keep Dutch in constant couchlock. A gram of hash oil would easily keep him from extorting money from me and shut him the hell up. (I would just blast Micah in the face and be done with him.) Charles could handle security or any other position he wanted. Pot was legal in 1890, Pinkertons wouldn't be a concern. I would pay my taxes, employ local people and do what I could to be an asset to the community.

It wouldn't be all about work either. I enjoy the fine arts and theater. St. Denis looks like they have might have some good restaurants, but they never seem to be open. I would front them money to get up and running. There are also some good hunting and fishing areas north of my farm and I have no problem whacking Murfrees for sport.

That sure would beat working for that clown Van der Lind. Forget Jamaica. To many damn bugs.  I think I have a pretty solid plan. 

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29 minutes ago, DaveSpeek said:

I will have to put a lot of thought into this.

So we have to pick an area within the context of the game's map based on IRL benefits during the time frame the game was set in?


You certainly have a better plan than anything I could ever have come with. If those are the parameters you are comfortable with.....go for it. 

But if you try to step in on my dope business......I am afraid I might have to send Charles over to your spread and have serious discussion about ethics.


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I've thought about this before.  :)

I'd live in West Elizabeth, in the Big Valley west of Mount Shann, south south west of the trapper, just across the creek that feeds Lake Owanjila.  Got some good flat land there for a garden, the creek for water, the surrounding hills and lake for fish and animals.  Could live there easily off the grid like and support myself indefinitely.  Plus it's a days ride or so to Strawberry for any supplies (and women) needed i couldn't craft myself.

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That's a real nice area around there. I've caught lots of salmon from that lake.

15 minutes ago, Kormath said:

Plus it's a days ride or so to Strawberry for any supplies (and women) needed i couldn't craft myself.

Yea.....It's tough to craft women if you dont have the right materials. I have seen lots of beaver around the lake. Have you tried there?

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6 hours ago, Hammer said:

I'd move into the veterans shack on O'Creagh's Run.  Freat hunting area and off the main roads,

You cant beat that area for solitude and natural beauty. I like to head up there, every now and then, but those grizzlies always have me for lunch.

If you enjoy solitude and hunting, try heading out past the northern border of the map. There are two routes that I know of to get there and they are pretty close to your place. There is absolutely nobody up there and the animals really dont fear anyone. I've gotten 3 start cougar pelts with very little effort. There are some dangers lurking but with some fore knowledge, the dangers are minimal. Seeing that you are just up the road from my place, drop by the farm or PM me and I can draw you a map. You are always welcome and we always have one of Bag o' Nuts little piggies turning over the campfire. Mrs. Garretts' (Susan Grimshaw?) Carolina sauce is to die for. The lady may smell like pig sweat and onions, but she sure can cook!

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We are proud to announce the grand opening of our new place in Emerald.
Come on in and and let Mary-Beth mix you up a Guarma and Tonic or just draw you a tepid glass of beer from our taps. 
In the mood for something from our kitchen? Have Chef Pearson prepare you a mint infused loin of pork with assorted Offal and baked beans. We run a special of Gritty Fish and Bisquits every Friday for just 37 cents.
Want to just kick back and contemplate the meaning of life? Enter our smoking lounge and try our Emerald Green Hybrid. On a budget? Our ditch weed is always on the house.
We are located at 3 North Emerald Road accross the street from the House of Horns. Open 24/7/365. Cash payments only!




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