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The Phantom Grizzly Bear. All storys welcome at this here campfire!

Dark Eco Wolf

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{Dinosaur bone spoiler but not exact location}

Far north of Strawberry is a cave and within this cave is a phantom bear. As I came across this cave I could hear a bear growling intensely over and over. I left my horse Laureli far away from the cave and pulled out my trusty semi-auto shotgun. When I entered the dark cave I could hear the bear but could not see it. Out of know where he appeared right in front of me. I shot one slug into his chest right before it took me down! The giant grizzly chewed and through me around for minutes! With Arthur Morgan having TB and getting torn to  shreds he managed to draw his hunting knife, stab the bear in the shoulder then the throat. Reaching for my semi-auto shotgun , I aimed, and blasted the great grizzly three times in the chest! I stood up, cloths and skin tore with blood all around, barely hanging on. I skinned and harvested the Phantom Grizzly,  walked over to my horse and set up camp. I made a delicious oregano big game steak and slept for twenty hours to heal. The next afternoon I returned to the cave to find out the Phantom Grizzly was protecting an antient dinosaur bone. I rode off in amazement that this paranormal event had happened thinking "I cant wait to tell the gang what happened".

There are so many great adventures you can have in Red Dead Redemption. Share your Spooky but true stories!

Thanks to all who read and help start up this forum!

For the truth behind the story, message me for a video. I don't want to self promote.  I just want to let people know its a true story!

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Changed title to see if i can get this story forum goin!
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Thousands gathered in the Saint Denis cemetery this weekend past to pay respects to the fallen Police Officers of Saint Denis.

After putting together witness recounts and evidence recovered at the scene we’ve learned that the notorious outlaw Arthur Morgan arrived in Saint Denis early Saturday morning.  He conducted business with the Trapper and Fence, then went into the Saint Denis gunsmith where an 18 hour standoff ensued and a staggering number of officers were killed.

Eye witnesses near the Trapper and Fence recount “he looked sick, pale and unsteady on his feet”,  another stated “he was coughing a bit, and somewhat irritable at a feller that asked if he was okay”.   An eye witness at the gunsmith told one reporter “He wasn’t happy looking when he went into the gunsmith.  He ran from his horse into the shop, throwing the doors open.  I ducked my head down below the window, I didn’t want to be seen.  I could hear him talking to the gunsmith.  The gunsmith said something about keeping his weapon clean.  It escalated from there.  More shouting, I covered my ears, and then through my hands I heard a shotgun blast.   We all screamed and ran.” 

The last witness recounting of the incident is thus; “I was walking along, heading past the gunsmith on the opposite side of the street and heard a gunshot.  I ran to the opening in the fence beside me and hid there behind the stone base of the fence.  After that first gunshot I heard police whistles and thought to myself ‘oh good, they’ll handle it’.  But I stayed hidden, i was too scared to move so as i didn't get shot too.  The police were yelling at someone in the gunsmith, then more shots rang out, then it got quiet, really quiet.  A minute or so later I hear running footsteps going into the gunsmith and more shooting.  Then it got really quiet again.  That scary quiet like when there’s a bear near you in the woods.  So I peaked over the stone base of the fence and saw all these dead policemen.  I panicked and ran, I’ve never been so scared in my life!”

Our evidence collaborates their stories.  On that tragic morning Arthur Morgan argued with the gunsmith, then shot the gunsmith in the head with his shotgun.  Police were notified and in their haste they rushed into the gunsmith only to be shot dead in the doorway.  It is believed Mr. Morgan hid in the back of the gunsmith, using the wall as cover, shooting anyone that ran in or in front of the doors.  It’s believed he was waiting for more police to arrive.  

This stand off lasted about 18 hours.  At approximately 2am Mr. Morgan gunned down the officers at the doorway, then ran off down an alley.  He had a horse waiting and fled through the streets and alleys.  Officers chased him, and killed his horse we believe was named Buell, as that name was stamped on the bridle's nose strap.  Mr. Morgan then shot an innocent rider in the head, stole his horse and fled through the fields into the swamp, escaping the pursuing officers.  A 3 day manhunt in the swamp turned up nothing, but 2 squads of dead officers.  Mr. Morgan must have heard them, and then hid in cover and picked them off.  All officers in both squads were shot in the head.

Evidence collected counts the dead as follows – 208 Saint Denis police officers,  Ms. Pergot, an innocent who must have ran passed the opened gunsmith and was shot, Mr. Samuels, the unfortunate victim riding his horse in the wrong place and time, and Mr. Morgan's horse Buell.  Investigators have recovered 240 spent shotgun shells in the back of the gunsmith, and 30 revolver casings.

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