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how i imagine a remake for rdr1


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ok so i had an idea recently about a remade version of rdr1, which includes Sadie and Charles.

i'll leave this plain and simple because if a remake does happen for rdr1, this is how i imagine it:

basically the same thing except Sadie and Charles are Assisting john. i know Charles went to Canada and Sadie went somewhere else in america... i forgot, but perhaps they got forced back by could get forced back by the government in some way?  (maybe Charles starts a family in Canada and the american government cuts a deal with the Canadians to bring Charles back there to force him to assist them or else they'll execute his family and him or something. i can't imagine anything for Sadie being forced back except her not wanting john and/or Charles family getting hurt because she likely wouldn't start a new one with losing jack)

i'm not gonna act like i know what your thinking of but personally this is what i imagine rockstar doing, pulling the "you can play as all three of them" like they did for Gta5 seems likely if a remake for rdr1 is to happen. plus this works somewhat well for a backstory for what hey did before the events of rdr1 and after the events of rdr2 and maybe completes their story...

and everybody wants to play as Miss Adler anyways


also i think a rdr2 zombie game would be interesting just for the alternate timeline (basically those who died in rdr2 instead live and those who lived died.)

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On 2/2/2019 at 1:47 PM, riptide87 said:

What would be the point of remaking it though?

Red Dead Redemption follows the life of John after leaving the gang. There is only a small amount of time between RDR2 ending and RDR1 beginning.  


Your idea is creative but there is no point for something like this seeing as we already know what happens with John and Arthur. I can't see them doing another RDR unless they go further back in time or focus on another area in the US during the same time frame.

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Hindsight being 20/20, the way they ended it with John makes sense when you look back at RDR1.  We don't know Charles went to Canada and had a family.  Sadie we don't know if she made it to South America.  John was the easy target, he had family, he had settled down.  Ross was a prick, but a smart prick that knew how to play the game.  Chasing the 1st two could take years and who knows if Ross had the desire to chase them.  He apparently knew where Bill and Dutch was, maybe Javier.  So he uses John and if John dies, Ross gets to add murder of John to the heap of charges against these fools.

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