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Can't find hair tonic in the store catalogue


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I'm dying to grow a beard and my hair, but as the title says I can't find the tonic. 

I've been to 3 different stores and browsed there catalogues page by page. I even followed a video on YouTube telling you what to do. But when you get to the drugs page the tonic isn't there. 

I have completed chapter 2 as people say you need to do that first. 

Just wondered if anyone is having this problem. 

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3 minutes ago, G IR U IB said:

I thanks guys 👍

Yeah I checked the shelves but there's only polamade to slick your hair back. 

So paid a visit to the barbers and brought me a nice big beard and got a new hair style while while I was there 😉

The good news is that since the campaign had this mechanic perhaps it will find it's way to RDO as well.  IMO, it would benefit everyone since it would enhance the depth of the gameplay and also legitimize the need for barbers in the gameworld beyond simply choosing styles.  Could also be another GB opportunity for R* to sell more unique styles, etc. since traffic to those merchants would increase.

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